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  1. Marie: Thanks, that has helped. I like the idea of a mark every 12inches or so. Keeps it straight and will indicate if there is a problem looming....

  2. This often happens to me so I’m pleased I’m not alone. Mine is the right side when facing machine......I have tried numerous methods. Currently, if quilt does not have a straight line of horizontal seams, I mark my tops every 12” or so on each side before I load quilt, then use horizontal channel lock every time I roll to check the marks are in line. I also use the horizontal channel lock to run along the horizontal seam lines as I roll quilt. This has helped ......
  3. I have my Millie on the 14’ frame and considering having it reduced in length, due to lack of space. I have had 8’ leaders on the frame for some time and have found all the quilts I have completed have fitted. The largest quilt I have needed to do was around 86”. Before I finally decide I would appreciate others view on this idea, and would love to hear from anyone who has a 10’ frame. Thank you in advance. Marie (Tasmania, Australia)
  4. Hi, wondering how people get good tension on their long arm when using magnetic bobbins. I have removed the spring from the bobbin case however find it hard to gauge the tension due to the pull of the magnet when trying to test using the drop method. Any suggestions advice is very much appreciated......thank you!
  5. Millie sounds as if machine motor is jammed - needle will not go up/down - wheel very stiff/hard to turn. It initially started by needle/machine hesitating. Was using Compuquilter when first noted something wasn't quite right so disconnected computer and then tried manually when it just got worse. With needle being very slow to respond and now will not go up and down hardly at while machine motor sounds stuck. No support in Tasmania, Australia so any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Have emailed APQS support Thank you!
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