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  1. This often happens to me so I’m pleased I’m not alone. Mine is the right side when facing machine......I have tried numerous methods. Currently, if quilt does not have a straight line of horizontal seams, I mark my tops every 12” or so on each side before I load quilt, then use horizontal channel lock every time I roll to check the marks are in line. I also use the horizontal channel lock to run along the horizontal seam lines as I roll quilt. This has helped ......
  2. I have my Millie on the 14’ frame and considering having it reduced in length, due to lack of space. I have had 8’ leaders on the frame for some time and have found all the quilts I have completed have fitted. The largest quilt I have needed to do was around 86”. Before I finally decide I would appreciate others view on this idea, and would love to hear from anyone who has a 10’ frame. Thank you in advance. Marie (Tasmania, Australia)
  3. Hi, wondering how people get good tension on their long arm when using magnetic bobbins. I have removed the spring from the bobbin case however find it hard to gauge the tension due to the pull of the magnet when trying to test using the drop method. Any suggestions advice is very much appreciated......thank you!
  4. Millie sounds as if machine motor is jammed - needle will not go up/down - wheel very stiff/hard to turn. It initially started by needle/machine hesitating. Was using Compuquilter when first noted something wasn't quite right so disconnected computer and then tried manually when it just got worse. With needle being very slow to respond and now will not go up and down hardly at while machine motor sounds stuck. No support in Tasmania, Australia so any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Have emailed APQS support Thank you!
  5. Hi, Have just purchased a used Millie with Compuquilter. I have worked through the Manual, looked at doing corners, repeat patterns etc. however cannot work out how to quilt around sashings. I have a quilt top made up of 12" squares with sashing around each and would like to do a pattern in them. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you! Marie E.
  6. Hi, I am searching for DVD or similar to assist me in learning to use the Compuquilter. I understand APQS now support Compuquilter however all the information I have found relates to Intelliquilter - I'm assuming the operation of the Intelliquilter is very different - is this correct? I have just purchased a used Millie with Compuquilter. Thank you - Marie E.
  7. Hi, I am searching for DVD or similar to assist me in learning to use the Compuquilter. I understand APQS now support Compuquilter however all the information I have found relates to Intelliquilter - I'm assuming the operation of the Intelliquilter is very different - is this correct? I have just purchased a used Millie with Compuquilter. Thank you - Marie E.
  8. Hi, I have the opportunity to make an offer on the above which complete with computer, bliss track and all the 'bells and whistles'. It is difficult in Australia to ascertain a value as the machine long arm quilting population is very small compared with U.S. The machine is approx. 8 years old and has hardly been used according to the owner and my concern is that issues may occur when it is begins to be used constantly. We also have no accessibility to Agents or service persons in my home State in Australia. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I currently own a Gammill Vision which
  9. Hello to all, I've purchased a roll of the above wadding after receiving a sample..................has anyone had any issues with this wadding - it is 100% cotton. The stabliser backing appears not to be fully fused to the wadding and when I stitched it to my backing fabric, whilst remaining sealed together at the edge, the actual wadding stretched and by the time I got towards the end of the row it had created a folds. This made me have a good look and it seems stretched and not attached to the wadding in some places..............mmm hard to describe. I haven't used a wadding with a s
  10. Just lovely!! Can't find any other words - thank you.....Marie E.
  11. Hi - I'm a 'wanna be' Lenni owner - waiting for a used one to come along, a very good special, my savings to increase or be brave enough to borrow money! Currently have Janome 1600P on a frame so I have put it a freestanding light & positioned it over the frame...........Sue has contacted me and is great! cheers - Marie E.
  12. Hi - my post should have been used Lenni - cheers, Marie E. Australia
  13. Hiand thank you to all you great mentors! The chalk is marked Matilda's Own Chalk Powder - Black Light - thinking maybe light is not strong enough it is one of those 'curly ones' 20W which equals 100w in standard globes...........oohhh whilst I would LOVE to come to Nebraska to Lowes - it's just a little bit far from Tasmania in Australia...........my good friend is originally from Nebraska, married an Aussie so ended up here. Marie E.
  14. Hi - just wondering what strength black light is used when using miricle chalk. I bought a 100w black ultra violet light globe today and whilst the chalk shows up fluro when the marked fabric is held close ,when I tried on my quilt top on the machine it didn't. I have the light shining down as close as I can get it.........wondering what I'm doing wrong..............or maybe I have the wrong type light...or? .......had to go to specialist light shop before I could find someone who knew and had one - this one is marked Party Ultra Violet Compact Fluorescent......thank you lots, I'm sure one
  15. Hello - would any of the Australians amongst our group know of where I might start to look for a used Millie............it is not possible for me to buy a new one in the very near future and I'm getting a bit desperate using my domestic one on a frame...........any suggestions greatly appreciated - thank you - Marie E.
  16. Hello Helga from way down under, Tasmania, Australia................ This forum is full of wonderful people, always willing to help and a wealth of information, so you'll have great fun - you'll learn lots - enjoy your wonderful new Millie - I'm slightly envious as I haven't saved enough $$'s yet but I'm always here dreaming and putting all the tips/ideas to use with my Janome 1600P so when the day comes I'll have a bit of a start..................cheers, Marie E.
  17. Thank you Meg & Jessica - I've not heard if the black light and blacklight chalk is available in Australia but I will do a search shortly. Have been getting some bits from the States however with the $ exchange rate at moment and post it makes it fairly expensive.............. Have tried damp cloth on the blue chalk but still visible, maybe will try a bit wetter.....thanks lots again...........Marie E....
  18. Hi all - I wish to mark a quilt and am very undecided what to use despite searching and reading - I have a quilt pounce pad with blue powder chalk - after brushing off, marks, although distant, remain; I am concerned blue pen will re-appear; I still have quilters pencil marks on a quilt I hand quilted 4 yeas ago; tried using tracing paper which I machined holes in but I cannot see them clearly enough when on fabric. Would be grateful of your expertise and advice............I read in one of the posts where it mentions bi-carb soda in cleaning off blue pen?? Thanks lots - Marie E.
  19. Thank you Patty Jo - I've now got my location on....I hope - next I might try the signature bit - it's a bummer, I live on the other side of the world cause I'd love to meet you all! I'm always on the look-out for machine quilting buddies in my neck of the woods to - although this forum fills my needs wonderfully as well.................thanks again, Marie E.
  20. Hello - I want to add my location to my profile however am unable to click into it and add - just won't let me - your 'how to edit my profile' advice would be greatly received.........thanks Marie E.
  21. A query to Judy in N.S.W., Australia regarding the Hollyburton wadding mentioned in this section. Hi Judy - is there a website for this wadding and if not where can I have a look/purchase from? thanks lots in anticipation - Marie E.
  22. Thank to all again for sharing your expertise - it's wonderful!! Marie E.
  23. Thanks you to all who replied - it confirmed for me that what I am doing is O.K. and there isn't another 'you beaut' way which is available..................Marie E.
  24. Hello again from Tasmania, Australia As I only have a Janome 1600P on a frame, whilst I await my dream longarm, what is the best way to secure my stitching? I've tried pulling my thread to the top and after the quilt is removed from the frame tying them off and threading back into the batting - I'm currently using my needle up and down a few times which also seems to work however I'm wondering what is the best and quickest way. Thanks in anticipation Marie E.
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