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  1. Hi Kerri, I have a Nolting machine and I am not a home to measure the size of pipe DH used. I think the pipe comes in standard sizes....Guessing I think we used about a 2 1/2" pipe...measure the circumference of the bar you want to use it on and take the measurement to the hardware store. Lee
  2. Hi Kerri, I also have had DH make clamps for me with PVC pipe. Mine are 4" long and the slit is about 3/4" wide. I had some cut with a wider slit (1 1/2" to 2") but they do not hold as well if you are reloading for missed areas or putting a practice piece on. Also DH round the corners so you do not scratch yourself on the corners. DH used tin snips for this. Lee
  3. Linda, Sorry I can not comment on Sharon's DVD on feathers as I have not watched it and did not purchase one. Lee
  4. Hi, I have also taken a class with Sharon Schamber this week and I can not believe how I am able to draw feathers. I have tried many different ways of drawing feathers and this is the easiest and simplest way of doing feathers. Sharon gives you the theory behind the basics of feathers and also the dimentions for forming the feathers. Her theory makes the learning much curve shorter. I highly recommend Sharon's classes. Lee
  5. Linda, Believe me it is a win win situation!!! There are givers and takers in this world and she was a taker. Don't beat yourself up about what has occurred. You are feeling a loss and you will get over it but it takes time. Trust me I have had a similar situation and I am much happier with the individual in my life. You are too nice a person, so do not let this bother you and move on. Lee
  6. Sorry, I forgot to add that I bought the Spiro thingy for $49.95. It has 12 spiro patterns and consists of 4 templates. I think this is the best deal and is worth the price. Lee
  7. Michael and Kay, Thank you for all your assistance and patience today, Irene and I certainly enjoyed our visit and refresher of the basic Circle Lord, plus all the other templates we tried. I feel so much more confident in using the CL basic and templates. I do not know of a company that could surpass your customer service. You have a wonderful product line and the cross hatch, with the push button on the front, is so easy to use. I feel ashamed that I have had my basic set for 5 months and have not used it, but I could use the cross hatch with no problem. I guess you could call
  8. Wendy, I sent you a U@U and this machine is still for sale. Thanks, Lee
  9. I have reduced the price of my machine to $4900 plus shipping. Thank you.
  10. I have a lavender 18" Fun Quilter with the Stitch Regulator for Sale. This machine is almost 3 years old, and has had light usage, and has been very well maintained. I am asking $5200.00, shipping charges not included and includes an extended base. I am located in Southern Ontario. I may be contacted at renicholson@distributel.net or by U2U. Thank you. I have reduced the price to $4900.00 plus shipping
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