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  1. Yes, "Abby's" last name is Lenni and is just perfect for the space I have available. Especially w/ the sectional table as my sewing room is upstairs at this time. Hoping in a few years to build our own home (with all my quilting $$$ I'm going to make; according to my husband) and I'll have sewing room to spare. The first set-up I had was a Brother 1500, Handi-Quilter frame and two, six foot banquet tables. It actually worked like a dream for several tops and then just could NOT get the tension set so it wouldn't break thread. Gave up on that for quite awhile and just kept making tops until the day we could get a "real" long-arm! Hoping to find time one of these days to figure out how to post some pics. Well, I'm at the dreaded place at the moment, work :mad: and had best be off. 'Til later, take care, God bless and Happy Stitchin'! kat;)
  2. Well, it's been quite some time since I've been able to get away from the world at large and check in with everyone. Hope all are well. After finally getting all the parts and managing to assemble her, I spent several days just standing in the doorway staring at her. Part of me not believing she was actually there and part of me too intimidated to touch her. Not being able to stand it anymore, I told my husband he was on his own for the evening and made my way up to Abby's room. She was still there, patiently waiting for me to play. I've too many unfinished quilt tops to mention, but I put on a lap size quilt that I'd had trouble with my previous machine breaking thread every six inches (and I'd spent several days ripping every inch of the quilting out!) and decided as her first "test" to use the same thread I'd been unable to complete the quilt with before. I knew in my heart I had a wonderful machine but after so many disappointing hours at my old one I was quite trepedatious at tapping that green button! Abby never skipped a beat! Using a panto from the original shipment I finished the quilt in 1/2 an hour without the thread breaking once! I cannot begin to describe my euphoria after months of fighting with my other quilter. Abby is currently holding a queen size quilt and hoping to get to her this weekend. I dream of the day when perhaps I can quit my dayjob and just quilt! Well, speaking of dayjobs, that's where I am now and I see a customer walking towards the stockroom....darn...guess I'd best get going. Thanks to all for you support and encouragement thus far and hope I will be able to help someone on this forum as well after Abby and I have bonded even further! Take care, God bless and Happy Stitchin'. Hmmmm, now if I can just think of a name the quilt shop......
  3. Hi! Gosh, it's been a bit since I've had time to chat. I have a niece getting married October 11th and a step-daughter whos divorce hearing is October 15th. Boy, do I need some quilting time! Well, started putting Abby together last weekend and noticed we had no wheels for the lower carriage! Arrgghh! We recieved some more parts in the mail the other day and are hoping to finish her up tonite. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed for me that we finally manage to assemble Abby completely! :-) Hopefully, Murphy's Law is done with me when I turn Abby on as yesterday I was stitching some patches on a leather jacket for my grandson when fabric became caught above the needle bar (unbeknowst to me) and, needless to say, now my sewing machine will be in the shop getting repaired! :-( I knew I should have stopped when I'd sewn the patch on crooked the first time, then upside down the second......Does anyone else have days like that? Well, I'm at work and must be going. Will update upon assembly!
  4. It's Saturday, raining, and I'm here at work:(. Oh well, how else will I pay for all that extra fabric I'm going to need! Abby is being very patient, although I thought I heard the faintest of rustlings early this morning around 1:39am; which is when I woke up - wide awake. Hmmmm, maybe she was calling to me! I'm one of those insomniacs so ya'll know where I'll be in the wee hours of the mornings! I haven't slept in her room with her yet, but I've sat and stared at the pieces and parts all laid out on the floor, ready to be assembled. I just cannot wait - and yes, it's very hard to stand it!!!! Hoping, to get started this evening, although I think 'the husband' wants to go out to dinner. I've tried to explain to him that I DON'T have time to eat! I've got quilting to do! Alas, he has yet to begin to understand. Well, I must be off. (In more ways than one !) Will keep you posted! God Bless and Happy Stitchin' kat
  5. Yay! She's home! Went and picked her up yesterday. It was raining, so thank goodness for my sister's stow-n-go seating in the van! After having a beginner's class and playing on a Millennium, she now realizes why mom and I thought the Lenni would be a perfect starting machine without having to knock out a wall! We're going to try and set her up this evening but we'll probably have to wait until Sunday to play as Lynn and I are working this weekend. Hopefully, Mom will get the courage to play on her own. She's still a bit intimidated. Another 'Thank Goodness' we opted not to start off with Millennium and "all those darn buttons" she hates! Well, must be off. (shhhh....I'm at work....and using the computer for personal use....oh no!) Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out how to get photos on here soon! Take care and God Bless. Happy Stitchin'. kat
  6. Still learning how to use forum....:-) SHE'S HERE!!!! Going Thursday to have some training at the store and then pack her up for home! I also MUST make an amendment to my first log. I was so excited over Abby and SO stressed out about some issues elsewhere I forgot to mention my sister, Lynn, who will be learning to long-arm on Abby. I was informed today, under no uncertain terms, that we "us girls" are 'sposed to share! And so it begins! :-) I told her she can log-on here and tell you guys how I surely will be hogging Abby at all ours of the day and I'm a spoiled, little, baby sister! I haven't told her that it's been a dream of mine for a long time to start a business with her of just quilting or "Quilting and Cakes". She makes the most magnificent, gorgeous cakes you've ever seen. I'll have to post a photo of the wedding cake she made for my wedding. (Okay, so I'm kissing up....but it's true) Sorry! In case you get back on-line at work tonite - I love you and you can use Abby anytime you want....well.....when I'm not working with her......or when I'm having a meeting with her......or.... :-) Just kidding! I still can't believe you wanted to name her Sadie instead of Abigail..........I'm telling Mom..... Kat
  7. I've finally taken the time to sit down and say "HELLO" to everyone out there! Nearly going crazy awaiting the arrival of "Abby". She isn't even here yet and I've already named her! (Gee, I hope it's not a boy....) LOL Dreamed, looked and studied for so-o-o-o-o long on what machine to finally take the plunge with. I've been using an HQ frame with a Brother PQ but after several quilts just couldn't get the tension to work properly no matter what I tried. Decided I would just start piling up my "top" stash and quit the quilting part as I always had to make a margarita before starting to quilt and usually during the process! My mother was anxious to see me with a good quilting machine due to the fact when I first began piecing five or six years ago I created a monster in her and then her sister and they have accumulated quite the stash of tops to be finished! Although, my aunt has more patience than I and will hand-quilt each project before she begins another. I on the other hand can get halfway through one top and be thinking about cutting out the next! Test drove an HQ16 with regulator and then found a shop with a Lenni around three hours away. I was going to try a Gammill as well, but after reading so many entries in this forum I began leaning towards the Lenni. That and the fact I have limited amount of space available at home and the break-apart table will be MUCH easier to carry up our stairwell. My mother surprised me while test-driving the Lenni by placing an order for our very own! I was going to save up for one but she said her stash of tops is just getting out of hand and I need to quilt them up for her! I still burst into tears just thinking about it. She insists it's "my" machine and I insist it's "her" baby and I'll just be "sitting". :-) Hopefully, I won't have too many start-up problems but I'll know where to come if I do! You ALL are wonderful! I'm also a bit anxious to see how my husband of two years will react to my "quilting" side as he really hasn't witnessed it to date! Well, I'd best be off. Must set-up the "baby's" room some more when I get off work here, and wait.....wait.....wait.....! Kat