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  1. Love your story and your Farmers Wife quilt is beautiful!! The kitty is pretty nice too.
  2. I say, if you want it and can afford it, go for it! This is something that would give you pleasure and you deserve it, whether you are going to quilt for others or not. As far as whether or not to sell the IQ with it and get a new one, I think I would just transfer the IQ you have if you have the version you want and the newer motors. Just about any of our husband's toys these days can cost up to 80,000 whether its a boat or a camper or a pickup and they deserve to enjoy too. What have we all worked for!
  3. I'm itching to teach my 6 yr old grandson to sew... Really neat story Shana!
  4. Love your quilt Tammy! You must be a natural at deciding on what to quilt where. It's always a problem for me....
  5. You will love IQ girls. I added IQ July 2016 and wonder why I didn't do it sooner!
  6. I really like this forum. I have learned so much from all of you and continue to learn! I have been frustrated with yahoo forums due to them getting hacked so much, so am a little leery of those. I got started on FB before an all school reunion and it is great to get in touch with old friends, but it can be overwhelming to keep up with. I really do enjoy the specific FB forums I have joined. Am kind of re-obsessed with Singer Featherweights, (I'm currently experiencing a second Featherweight frenzy), and I check in with an IQ FB forum quite often. It's almost too much, all of the information out there now. Mary Beth, I'll be checking out your page!
  7. So your sayin' there's still a chance.....
  8. Connie, Thanks for posting this. You always have great information for us. So glad you and Millie are okay!
  9. So very sad. I am praying for her husband and sons and grandchildren. Just breaks my heart. Yes, I too learned so very much from her, especially sewing clothes which I used to do before I became a quilter. I just have a huge knot in my stomach...
  10. Shana, I'm with Linda on this. Remember all of the super happy customers you quilt for and let that bad apple go!!
  11. That is absolutely beautiful!! Wish I could quilt like that!
  12. I had a very good customer ask if I would donate quilting on a quilt of valor quilt she was doing for her guild. She also had one for her brother who is a veteran which she expected to pay me for, but I donated that one too. She was tickled and so was I. I like to contribute once in a while.
  13. Just did a "limp" quilt myself. Customer did not want batting so I did as requested. The back looked great but the front needed batting to fill the quilting design. Will refuse this request next time.
  14. Thanks so much. Waves in the ocean is just what I was going for... Robin in MT
  15. Very pretty. It would have been a shame to have never finished it.
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