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  1. Very pretty quilt and I have to agree with LibbyG, your quilting is perfect for it!
  2. Thanks everybody for your kind words! Nancy, the pattern is Deck the Halls by Claudia's Creations and I pretty much followed her pattern. She did hers with all red fabric, but I had a stash of Sentiments by Moda that I was dying to use so I did red and green. I'm so happy it is all done and will be ready to hang up in my dining room at Christmas time! Robin in MT
  3. I can't seem to find the quilting motifs that didn't go well, referring to your statement that "some went better than others". They all look pretty gorgeous to me!! I only dream of quilting like that! Robin in MT
  4. That is really a striking quilt. It just draws your eye in. The one on the Time Warp pattern almost makes me dizzy! Robin in MT
  5. I want one too! I have Laura's deer collage pattern and it looks like so much fun, but I think I like the tomato pin cushion even better. How did you do the background fill? Love it. Robin in MT
  6. Thanks gals, Yes, I did use the echo feature around the ornaments. I did the spiral transition. First I did one echo at .10 distance which did the closer outlining stitch around the embroidery and then I added the rest of the echo lines at .35 apart. I should have done .25 apart, but I split the jump stitches and combined the patterns for less backtracking and it seemed like .35 made for a lot less splitting and combining of echo lines. Robin in MT
  7. Just finished my 2nd custom quilt with IQ. It is Deck the Halls by Claudia's Creations. The redwork is done with the Deck the Halls machine embroidery CD, The quilting is all done by IQ. I had this posted in Computer Aided Quilting but Gator thought I should post it here too so more people would see it. I added IQ in July 2016 and am loving it so far! I learned so much on this quilt but don't get much time to quilt on my own stuff, and do mostly panto's for customers, so I hope I can retain some of what I learned by the time I get to custom quilt again! Thanks for looking! Robin in MT
  8. Thanks guys, I learned so much and I'm sure there's so much more to learn! IQ can do just about anything it's just a matter of finding the right video or IQpedia booster or Yahoo forum post. That's the only thing I struggle with. I wish there was a good detailed manual that I could reference, but I understand that IQ evolves so fast it would be pretty difficult to keep it updated. I am just loving my IQ and I don't know why I waited so long to add it, well I guess I do know...I had to pay off my machine first! Robin in MT
  9. Thanks Cagey, The wagon block picture was taken before the border was finished so the basting was still there. I really didn't leave that in just so you know! It is really amazing what a person can do with IQ and I don't know why I waited so long to get it! Well, yes I do, it's hard to put out that kind of money but I'm worth it!
  10. Just finished my 2nd custom quilt using IQ. I have had my IQ since July 2016 and have been doing panto's for the most part as that is what I do for customers. This quilt is called Deck the Halls and it is designed by Claudia's Creations. I did the redwork with Claudia's machine embroidery CD and I used my stash of Sentiments by Moda for the pieced blocks. I did all of the quilting with IQ. I learned so much that my head hurts!! and I hope I can remember it all by the time I do my next custom quilt. Thanks for looking! Robin in MT
  11. Well it was worth a shot. I know how frustrating it was for me when that pulley cracked on my y-motor. Then I got new motors and it happened again within a couple of weeks. Then I was sent a new aluminum pulley instead of the plastic one. All has been fine since then. Oh, I hope I didn't just jinx myself! Yes, go pour yourself a little glass of wine and just wait for the new motors. Please let us know how it all works out so we can live and learn right along with you. And remember, this too shall pass!
  12. Lora, I assume you did check to make sure the Y motor drive wheel is actually making contact with the rail when you get the obstruction detected error message. If it's not down on the rail you will get the obstruction error message because the machine isn't moving on the y axis as it's supposed to. It sure sounds to me like you are having the issue that I had. But you must have ruled that out after reading my post. Just trying to save you the hastle of replacing motors when it is only one little part that could be the problem?? Hang in there... Robin in MT
  13. I bet Neila was blown away by the quilting. It was a nice quilt to start with but the quilting made this quilt!! Absolutely gorgeous!
  14. Lora, I have IQ on my machine and I have been thinking about you as I quilt today...you mentioned that when you tried to reset your Y motor resistance that it went all the way up to 20. That makes me curious as to whether or not your Y motor drive wheel is even coming down to the track. I have had my IQ installed since August 2016 and have the super motors as I think you have. I had the pulley crack on my Y motor which in turn created a motor lift error message and I had to manually lift and lower my Y motor until Zoltan got me a new part...actually it took two new motors (x and y) and two new pulleys until we got it all figured out. Anyway, long story short...when I was manually lifting and lowering my y motor wheel I would get the obstruction error until I got the y motor wheel lowered. You said that you could not even get through much stitching at all until you got the obstruction notice. Could your stitching possibly go fine as long as it is on the x motor axis and when it gets to a place in the pattern where the y motor is supposed to kick in and go another direction that you are getting that message?? Just for the heck of it, check and make sure that your y motor drive wheel as actually down on the track, and if it isn't, take your y cover off and take your little belt off of the pulley and check it out. My pulley would just turn loosely on the spindle and not get any traction at all as it had a fine crack on it. Thus the wheel would not come down on the track when it was supposed to. If this is the problem, you can manually turn that spindle to get the wheel down and continue with IQ until Zoltan can get you a new pulley part. If that is the problem it will save switching out motors and going through all of that for nothing...just something to check out. If the part cracked when the y motor drive wheel was in the raised position maybe that's why you didn't get the motor lift error as I did???? Hope this helps... Robin in Montana P.S. I agree it is really unusual that you are not getting a response from Zoltan...Did you contact your dealer?
  15. I did it again! I went to town for Diet Coke and Milk and came home with more fabric!! Help me!!!
  16. You know I don't have any other addictions other than Diet Coke. So I could be a lot more expensive than I am! I really love that new book (oh, I guess I have a quilt book addiction, too), Town Square. But I controlled myself, I only bought the book and a full panel set and two yards of one of the fabrics in the line, and then I went home and pulled the quilt I want to make from my stash. We'll see how long I last before I need to get the real line of fabric for the quilt... Maybe if we all talk each other through our temptations we won't buy so much fabric????
  17. I've been hyperventilating about my out of control stash lately. I kind of got out of control with online buying and buying precuts that are too good of a deal to pass up. Like Mary Beth I have been buying without a plan. I decided that instead of buying new fabric when I "need a fabric fix" I will go to my stash and pick something to pet. I have a lot of really cool stuff in there that I'm still really excited about when I remember that I have it!! What I really need is time to sew. I recently got IQ and am really loving it. I'm getting caught up on customer quilts and very soon I plan to actually piece some of my own quilts again! Yeah!!!! I feel better now that I got that off my chest!!! Robin
  18. It's amazing how quilting adds to a quilt. That was a cute quilt top and now it is a gorgeous quilt!
  19. Love the texture that panto adds. I think I'll add Lavish to my collection!
  20. I have recently purchased IQ and am going to self-install (hopefully) as I live in the sticks of Montana. I also recently purchased (last November) casters for my quilting frame. I'm wondering how many of you IQ owners have casters on your frames. Do they make the table too unstable? I sure do like having the ability to move my frame against the wall when not quilting and having the additional room. My dealer said it is better not to have them on but if I keep them to be sure to lock them down. What are your recommendations on this? Thanks.
  21. Isn't it fun to do our own once in a while? That's a beautiful quilt. I'm kind of a lighthouse fanatic so I especially love this one!
  22. I am always "going to" make a quilted jacket or two to wear with jeans...I'm talking quilting the fabric and then making a jacket with the quilted fabric. This, however, is over the top! It is really a classy jacket. Reminds me that I still want to make a quilted jacket and also that I still want to try a French braid quilt. Thanks for sharing!
  23. The nubs don't get caught, you just have to be careful not to stretch it when you tighten your rollers. There are other posts on this forum regarding which way to load it. I usually load it selvage to selvage.
  24. My favorite is the Judy Neimeyer quilt. Gorgeous...I'm not worthy.
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