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  1. Darling bag. You are a designer, and you might as well start printing patterns for those of us who are not! Love it!
  2. Today I mowed literally all day and I took my bath and decided I would see what inspiration I could find on the APQS site. I was not disappointed again! I love to find new Libby heirloom quilting pictures to devour after a hard day of work. Of course I look at the current one which is outstanding...and then I keep going back and back and back through all of the pictures of the gorgeous quilts on her Flickr site. Amazing! Thanks for the quilt show again, Libby! You are so inspiring!
  3. What kind of batting did you use on this. It has such nice dimension. And what was the panto?
  4. I would like Swingin on a Star and Maidenhair please.
  5. Thanks so much for the info everyone. Charlene, I would love to go test drive the systems, but I live in the sticks in Montana, one of the reasons I didn't get to try an APQS machine when I was shopping back in 2007. At the time I had access to Handi-Quilter, Nolting, and Gammill. I love my Gammill but I am really intrigued by the APQS machines and their features. Hope to try one out someday soon. I am really leaning toward the IQ. I wonder if they want to come all the way out to the sticks in Montana to put one on my machine!
  6. I sure do appreciate your replies. That is how I learn! With the expense of the computer aided systems, I want to make the right choice. My Gammill does have a stitch regulator, but I read also that IQ does not work with the stitch regulator?? I will look back on other posts on this site and read through them again. I have acquired a lot of great information there but nobody had ever talked about the quilting space loss before. I can live with losing a few inches on either end of the table. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
  7. On the IQ website it states that "you will lose about 6 inches of quilting space along the length of your table because of the position of the motor drives". That's where I got the 6" loss from. No, it would not bother me to lose 3" on both ends of the table but that is not what they say. Thanks for your responses and any further input!
  8. I'm considering getting a Millie with Quilt Path, or adding IQ to my Gammill. In researching this, I read that adding IQ would make me loose 6" of quilting space. I currently have a Gammill Optimum with the 30" throat and don't like loosing any of that space. I know a Millie would have 26" of throat space to start with and am wondering if you loose more with the Quilt Path system installed? There are so many great features on the Millenium that I would love to give a try, but I don't want to go down too far on quilting space. Did Quilt Path add a "no sew" zone yet? I really would like to have that feature. I like that Quilt Path works with the APQS stitch regulator. IQ doesn't work with your machine stitch regulator. IQ looks like it is very user friendly, though. Oh, decisions, decisions..... Any info is appreciated!
  9. After re-reading your first post I see you are "probably" going to quilt just for yourself mainly. Still you will enjoy not being limited by the amount of quilting space you have with a larger throat machine.
  10. My humble opinion is to go as big as you can afford and add computerized later. If you are going to quilt for a business, time is money and the less time you spend advancing the quilt the more time you save. Just my 2 cents!
  11. Love your "swoon" quilt! I have that same quilt partially pieced for myself. Now, when I get it done some year, I have some beautiful quilting ideas! I love the curved cross hatching in between the blocks and the feathers. Now, if I could just do them half as good as you do!
  12. I would like Chocolate Swirl Feathers and Curly Q if they are still available.
  13. I have a Brother Quattro for embroidery. Some of my quilt customers have me embroider the label information right onto the quilt backing before I quilt the quilt. I charge $1.50 per thousand stitches plus $5.00 for every time I have to re-hoop. With my Quattro the fonts are built right in the machine. I do have other programs for lettering as well but it is super easy to just use the built in fonts and do it right on the machine screen. I really got the Quattro for my own fun purposes, but this gives me a little justification for getting the machine. Watch out though, embroidery is a whole new addiction to add to the quilting "problem" we all have! Isn't it fun to be quilters...we will never be bored!
  14. Oh my gosh, I'm not worthy, again! It was fun to view your pictures of this quilt and then I just kept going looking at your previous quilts. What a quilt show! I know where to look if I need ideas for background fill and other custom ideas if I ever grow up! Thanks for the enjoyment after a long day of cleaning my garage. Your quilting is awesome!
  15. So, I am guessing by what I read above that this is freehand and not Quilt Path? Those flower petals are perfect! I'm not worthy.
  16. I love it too! Quilt Path is sure tempting. I am considering a Millie with Quilt Path, currently I have a Gammill Optimum Plus but am really tempted by the computerized quilting. And Quilt Path looks more user friendly to me than the Statler Stitcher. It sure looks like it is "user friendly" to you!
  17. Very sweet quilts and beautiful quilting. Sisters are pretty precious. I have five of them and can't imagine losing one. I am so sad for your loss. It is wonderful that you would finish her quilts for her so her grandchildren can get quilt hugs from her.
  18. I would like Tiger Swirls. I sent you a PM. Thanks, Robin
  19. I too use the over the door shoe holder organized by flowers, feathers, leaves, themes,etc. but I would like to make a book of designs that my customer can page through. Has anybody done this? Most of my customers tell me to do what I think, but some would like to pick a design and are overwhelmed by the rolls and rolls of pantos.
  20. Okay, well now I have to have that embroidery CD, too. I'm trying get control of my buying this year, but alas it is not to be! That is an adorable quilt. Love your quilting, too. The feathers are nummy! They are making so many neat machine embroidery cd's now. I have done Gingerbread Houses from Crabapple Hill, and Hop to It from Edyta Star. And I have the embroidery done on Deck the Halls by Claudia's Creations but haven't had time to piece the quilt part. So many fun ones, so little time! It takes me forever to decide what to quilt when I do custom work, that's why I am the "Panto Queen", but when I get this one ready to quilt I can just look at yours! (and then I'll remember that I'm not in the same league as far as quilting ability goes!) Robin
  21. Can I add a few more? I'll take Animal Crackers, Alfresco, and Happy Times if they are still available as well. Thanks, Robin
  22. Please add Tickle to my list as well. Thanks, Robin
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