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  1. I would like the following pantos if still available. Waterworld Chevron Feather Popcorn New Wave Santa Anna P.S. I Love You Pretty Paisley Fluffy Clouds Tickle Too Nouveau Feathers
  2. My husband sent me a more professional picture of the quilt...he actually got the whole quilt in the picture!
  3. Thanks for the nice comments gals. T-shirts quilts are not the most exciting things to make. I much prefer making traditional quilts, but sometimes you have special requests! I did the flame panto to liven things up a bit rather than the usual meander for a t-shirt quilt. I wanted to use Bottomline top and bottom so I would have the texture but not the color so much, but I started out breaking thread at the flame tips so I gave up on that and just got the thing done. I have used Bottomline before with no problem but was just doing SID. My husband is so thrilled with it. He spent this last weekend getting some really nice pictures of the quilt, even one where he parked his Indian Chieftain in front of the quilt. I would have posted one of those but I couldn't get his format to behave when trying to post here. I'll see if he can help me get one of his pictures loaded later. The quilt will go on his toy hauler camper bed along with four coordinating pillow cases. He's all set! Now I can get on with making traditional quilts again, oh, but first I have customer quilts to get done, shoot. Thanks again, Robin
  4. Just finished creating an Indian Motorcycle T-shirt quilt for my husband. It was a long process of designing, switching out t-shirts, paper-piecing feathered stars, and finally quilting it. But am happy with the finished product. The cream/black star is on the back of this quilt. Thanks for looking! Robin P.S. Hope this works...haven't posted in a long, long time and everything has changed! Update...added my husband's more professionally done photo of the front!
  5. I'm finally having a life and wanted to comment on this beautiful quilt. First of all...Judy is a precious gal with a heart of gold and her generosity is never ending. Being the lucky one to quilt this for her I kept saying out loud "This is just gorgeous!". When I first started quilting I took pictures of every quilt I quilted, but I gave up on doing that now and just take a picture of special ones. I definitely got pictures of this one! I had never made a stack-n-wack quilt before, but after seeing the border stars in this quilt, I finally had to try a stack-n-wack. I have made a kaleidescope top now, because of Judy. Thanks, Judy, for your inspiration in so many ways!! Robin
  6. Merry Christmas and may God bless you all in the new year! Love,
  7. Libby, I'm so with you in that I like solitude. I am almost too happy in myself and my own space. Of course after 19 years of being in the banking world and then a few more working for the County I think I've had enough customer contact for my lifetime. For me if I get to town once a week and get my fix by wandering around our LQS(which is fantastic by the way) and get my daily walks, I'm good to go. And I have to agree this forum is so great! Quilters are just good people, that's all there is to it!
  8. Reading Shana's post about "looking at nature's simple beauties" reminds of this morning. I was in awe of how pretty even the weeds were as they were all frosty with snow. Wintertime is so pristine and beautiful! Hi to you too Angie and Merry Christmas to all of you guys!!
  9. I get out almost every morning for a long walk by the lake with my personal trainers Duke and Dillinger(mydogs). I'm sure people think I'm nuts some days as I walk a lot of times when it is pretty cold out there. But I bundle up and wear my face mask. The fresh air does me good. I think especially in the winter months we gotta get outside and get some fresh air otherwise with our type of work we could easily hybernate! I say my prayers right out loud while I'm walking...come to think of it I think they might haul me away. I'm sure they must be thinking "Who is that crazy lady with the face mask on who doesn't have enough sense to stay inside when its cold and she's always talking to herself"!!
  10. Gail, The thing I hook my scissors to is a Fons & Porter retractable leash. You can find them on Joann.com just search Fons & Porter. It works great for me, that is until I impale myself on it someday! I can see where hooking your scissors on the machine would work great also. When I am pressing a quilt top, though, it's nice to have my scissors on my body, then it's right there for trimming stray threads. Just my humble opinion.
  11. What a precious thing to do for your family. Beautiful quilting! It makes me want to get going on refurbishing a butterfly quilt my Grandma made that was loved just about to death! There are many butterflies that can be saved but the sashing is too far gone. Selfish me, I was going to just fix it and keep it but now you have my wheels turning...
  12. Love it Corey. I also love all of Edyta Sitar's patterns and books. Her style just draws me in. I did her Bon Voyage quilt but have many others including this one that I would love to do.
  13. I'd say you are way ahead of the game...it took me more than two quilts to learn all of that! My hint for you is to get one of those clip on things that you can hook your scissors to your body with. I couldn't live without mine and wear it all the time. I sometimes go out with my dogs and it's still hanging on my shirt. Someday they'll find me impaled by my scissors because I forgot they were there and I fell down...oooh it doesn't sound pretty does it. Anyway, get one of those and that'll check one aggravation off of your list! Merry Christmas!
  14. Oh, Barb, so sorry to hear about your little "Rocky". Sometimes a person wonders why we even have pets because it breaks our hearts when something happens to them...but we know the love we get from them while we do have them is worth it all. Take care.
  15. Oh and if Smokey (the post above mine) disappears, he might be at my house! I miss having a kitty so bad and he looks so snuggly!
  16. Here is a picture of the stars of "Robin's Wildlife Adventures" Duke(the yellow lab) and Dillinger(the chocolate, we aren't sure what he is, we think mostly lab, he's a resued dog from the reservation). Picture taken on our walk by the lake just this morning(ignore my camera date it's all goofed up). Happy to report we had a nice walk with no adventures today! Sure am enjoying the pictures of all of your pets out there. They really are full of personality aren't they? Gotta love 'em!
  17. Linda, I have my scissors clipped to my shirt as well. I do that now when I sew on my domestic also. I feel bare without them there. I, too, have been known to show up in the oddest of places with my scissors still clipped to my shirt. The only thing that worries me is that I'll trip and fall and that's how they'll find me...impaled by my scissors!! Wreckser, One thing I do is lay out the back, batting, and top together (each folded in half) and then I put a pin in the centers so that when I load them I know they are the right size and the right direction. Linda Taylor does it that way and it works for me. And I love my long arm centering tape to keep the quilt straight and my featherlite clamps.
  18. Really pretty quilting. I hope I can graduate to custom some day too!!
  19. Oh my gosh, that is just precious, an heirloom for sure!
  20. I was thinking this morning before I go on my walk...maybe I should be the on who wears the life jacket!! I suppose it might look kind of funny walking down the road with a life jacket on!! Pray for me, I'm going on my walk now!
  21. So sorry, Dory. I know there was an earlier post but I don't remember who it was, where they were quilting along and the machine just didn't feel right and was kind of pulling. I think the author of the post was telling us "if something doesn't feel right or sound right, there's probably something wrong" so stop and check the back, etc. I know I had just read that post and went to quilting that day and did not heed her warning, and I got to frog a whole row because of it. In my case (and I think in hers if I remember right) the thread did not get pulled all the way through the little notch on the bobbin case when I put it back in the machine. Could it have been one bobbin's worth of quilting that did that in your case, and then you corrected the problem by pulling the thread through the notch on the next bobbin loaded? Just a thought.
  22. I'll have to post a picture of my boys, Duke and Dillinger, so you can see their personalities. Kind of like the picture of "Mr. Handsome" on Meg's post. You can just see his personality. As we live on Fort Peck Lake which is a huge man made dam, I can't avoid the water, but I will look into life jackets for my doggies, but don't tell my husband. He already shakes his head at me with all of the trouble I get into and all of the goofy things I do. I went for my morning walk the other day with my dogs as usual and got hungry on my walk and thought I must have forgotten to eat a bowl of cereal before my walk like I usually do. Got home and ate another bowl of cereal only to find my first cereal bowl there in the sink from that morning. He said he wasn't worried that I ate two breakfasts, but he was worried that I didn't remember eating the first bowl. Help me!!
  23. Actually, the swim was kind of nice...the water just right when I had a chance to think about it. This pond is one the Corps of Engineers used to start baby fishes or fingerlings in, but now we have a fish hatchery here so they don't use it any more. Maybe it could just be my swimming pool...but no dogs allowed down there anymore!! Now that I know mama duck and babies are still there it will be off limits. And I'm thinking that I should get some doggie life jackets for my labs. Do they make such a thing?? Except then they would rely on the life jackets too much and probably swim out in the big lake which I would have no chance of catching up to them in unless my husband got his boat out. Maybe just a long rope on each of their leashes so I could just pull them back if they get in trouble??? I used to have a life before dogs...I think!
  24. To get the full duck story check my post of 5/20/11 as it is too long to repeat...but the followup goes as follows... Today as it was too hot to walk all the way to the lake on my noon walk, I took my labs to the pond behind my house to cool off, and my yellow lab (Duke) goes swimming as usual. He is 10 years old and has been a swimmer since he was a puppy, but today he got out toward the middle of this pond and starts flailing his front legs kind of straight in the air like he all of the sudden forgot how to swim. I called him and the more I watched him I thought "he is going to go under"...so I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dropped my dog collar remote on the ground and in I went. I could walk most of the way to him but had to swim a bit, grabbed his collar and pushed him in front of me to plane him out and kept pushing him to shore. Scared the heck out of us both! So, I'm trying to get the chocolate lab (Dillinger) back to leash him so we can walk home, but he stumbles on (you guessed it) the duck from my previous posted story. The reason I know this is she could not fly, she had an injured wing. (The good news is she had a bunch of good sized ducklings with her so they survived our previous visit.) So, Duke gets all excited and forgets he just about drowned and goes in after them and Dilly(who just figured out how to swim 2 days ago) jumps in and thinks he is going to swim across the pond to catch up to the ducks. So now I have two dogs flailing around in the middle of the pond. Well, no brainer here (or I should say no brains) I go right back in, only this time I have to swim to get to them, gave Duke a push, then Dilly a push, then Duke, luckily Dilly caught on again and swam to shore but I had to pretty much help Duke most of the way. I have said it before but I'll say it again, animals are going to be the end of me!! I guess I should ask for daily prayers for my daily walks with my dogs so I don't get into too much trouble! Well, I've had my lunch and some chocolate now(and my 4th bath of the day (2 in the tub, 2 in the pond) so I think I'll go quilt where hopefully I will not get into any trouble!!:)
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