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  1. I would like the following pantos if still available. Waterworld Chevron Feather Popcorn New Wave Santa Anna P.S. I Love You Pretty Paisley Fluffy Clouds Tickle Too Nouveau Feathers
  2. My husband sent me a more professional picture of the quilt...he actually got the whole quilt in the picture!
  3. Thanks for the nice comments gals. T-shirts quilts are not the most exciting things to make. I much prefer making traditional quilts, but sometimes you have special requests! I did the flame panto to liven things up a bit rather than the usual meander for a t-shirt quilt. I wanted to use Bottomline top and bottom so I would have the texture but not the color so much, but I started out breaking thread at the flame tips so I gave up on that and just got the thing done. I have used Bottomline before with no problem but was just doing SID. My husband is so thrilled with it. He spent
  4. Just finished creating an Indian Motorcycle T-shirt quilt for my husband. It was a long process of designing, switching out t-shirts, paper-piecing feathered stars, and finally quilting it. But am happy with the finished product. The cream/black star is on the back of this quilt. Thanks for looking! Robin P.S. Hope this works...haven't posted in a long, long time and everything has changed! Update...added my husband's more professionally done photo of the front!
  5. I'm finally having a life and wanted to comment on this beautiful quilt. First of all...Judy is a precious gal with a heart of gold and her generosity is never ending. Being the lucky one to quilt this for her I kept saying out loud "This is just gorgeous!". When I first started quilting I took pictures of every quilt I quilted, but I gave up on doing that now and just take a picture of special ones. I definitely got pictures of this one! I had never made a stack-n-wack quilt before, but after seeing the border stars in this quilt, I finally had to try a stack-n-wack. I have made a kalei
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