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  1. God bless your son for taking him home. "Mr. Handsome" looks like he has quite a personality. I was thinking just today when I was out with my two labs (one a rescue from the reservation) that my two dogs have their own special personality and how much I love them for all of their quirks!! And looking at "Mr. Handsome" I am wondering if my rescued "lab" might have a little bit of his breeding (whatever it is) in him. My lab has the bigger jowls like your son's dog. Too cute!
  2. Oh Heidi, Congratulations!!! How precious she is. I get one of those in first Grandbaby. I'm kind of hoping for a girl for the other Grandma as she had four boys and would really love to spoil a little girl. But whatever we get we will be thrilled. I'm not as talented as you are to be able to make such a beautiful quilt for my Grandbaby, though. I will probably give my baby lonestar quilt if it is a girl, otherwise I have a little boy quilt that is not quilted yet. I better get that one done just in case!
  3. Very, very pretty. Now, it's my turn to grow up and quilt like the rest of you guys!
  4. I have tried to switch to Legacy as my LQS is a distributor and I want to give her all of the business I can, but I find them thinner than Hobbs or Warm & Natural. Haven't tried their wool or other specialty battings but have tried their 80/20 and 100 percent cotton ones and prefer Hobbs or Warm & Natural over the Legacy battings. I do intend to give their specialty battings a try at some time. Just my humble opinion...
  5. Interesting narrative. I had no idea and paid no attention to where sewing things are made. I, too, really like to support my LQS, in fact I supported her a little too much last year! I love my LQS, she always has new cool stuff and really great sales. Her marketing talent is amazing as well as her quilting talent. I am not above ordering a few things on line occassionally, but most of my fabric purchases are from my local LQS. The quality of the fabric is so much better than the fabric in the chain stores.
  6. Oh, Heidi, I hope you feel better soon. I have the same kind of stuff going on but have not gone to the doctor as I want to stay in denial. I suppose running with a duck in the rain didn't help much either (you had to be there)! Got bless and take care.
  7. I'll be trying that with T-shirts myself. Cool idea!
  8. Thanks, again gals. I have one more customer quilt before I do the flannel center quilts. But with all your expert advise, I will be fine!
  9. That is too sweet!! I am really digging scrappy quilts these days.
  10. It's good that I can type because I can't talk! My mouth is hanging open in awe!! What an amazingly talented piecer Joyce is and the quilting is lovely. It takes a brave and talented quilter to take that one on. I would have slithered away and hid!! Thanks for the inspiration in both peicing and quilting!
  11. Thanks so much gals. You told me what I needed to know. I won't question it any longer...I'll just go with the flannel and get on with life! I'll try to use a thread that will show more, great idea. And Madelyn, that is true, some of the newer mamas won't even put a quilt on their baby in the crib, they dress them warm and don't cover them. Don't get that one, but to each his own. Thanks, again.
  12. Pretty quilt and quilting! I just love batiks. At first they were too modern for me, but they have grown on me immensely. Is the fish border a batik? That is gorgeous!
  13. Thinking of you, Penny. Glad you have your Droid. Now don't try to finagle getting a sewing machine in there, though, you need to rest! Prayers are sent for you from Montana.
  14. I'm not saying that I will tie the quilts for her...I'm just saying that it is such an expense for her to have me quilt them when there is no dimension with the flannel layer in between. What do people in California put in their quilts for layers?
  15. A customer gave me two baby quilts to quilt for her today. The quilts are flannel front and back. She gave me flannel to layer in between as the quilts are going to California and she must have thought they would be too warm with batting. I feel that there will be no dimension to the quilts and she should just quilt them by tying them if she is going to use flannel instead of batting. I'm thinking she should use a 100 percent cotton batting instead. What do you guys think?
  16. Okay, that's where I draw the line...I could not pick up a lizard, snapping turtle, or a wild turkey and run with it to save its life (See my post called "Robin's Latest Wildlife Adventure" still on today's posts)! Cindy, that painted bunting is just beautiful. It looks like it needs to be copied on a quilt. And I love hummingbirds. I would save them if I could see them!
  17. I haven't checked on her yet as I wanted her to feel safe if she went back. I will check on her in the a.m....without the dogs! I do want to see if there are eggs there. I don't think there are baby ducklings as I'm sure I would have had to save them all as well! I still can't believe I picked up a wild duck and ran with her. I had no idea what she would do. I could be noseless right now!
  18. Oh, that is a sweet story. You know some people are so intimidated when bringing their first quilt to a Longarmer. You made it a great experience for her and it sounded like her husband was happy, too. I always get a kick out of it when husbands are just as tickled with the quilts.
  19. I'm thinking this would be fun at our next quilt retreat!! Thanks for the idea!
  20. Jan, I think I'll leave the dogs home next time! At least when I go down that way again, anyway. We are getting so much rain that it's throwing everything off kilter. Some friends of ours have a little wire haired dog, I can't remember what breed it is, but it has been bringing goose eggs up on their deck. Unbroken goose eggs. They wondered how he was getting the eggs out of the nests without getting the tar beaten out of him by a mother goose! They finally figured out that the water here at the lake is getting so high that it is washing eggs out of nests and when they end up on the s
  21. That is really a pretty quilt and the Sakura really sets it off. How does the Jelly Roll Race work? Is it the first one to get the jelly rolls sewn together is the winner? My sister would dust everybody. I've never seen anybody who can sew as fast as she can!
  22. Oh, Heidi, that is beautiful You continually amaze me with your quilting talent! And I'm so glad that you are getting some time to quilt for yourself and have some fun again!
  23. I'm out with my dogs as usual but it's been raining so instead of our long walk I decide to go out back of our house and down the hill so they can explore a while. Anyway, my chocolate lab comes upon a nesting (I think) duck and as it trys to fly he catches it and puts it down on the ground and I'm thinking "Oh, no!" but what can I do. So the duck manages to get itself to a barely 5 foot around little water hole and proceeds to duck under the water to keep away from my chocolate lab and by then the yellow lab was joining in to try to catch it too. I'm at a loss with no leash and no way to c