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  1. my studio - main room...I will have to do this in multiple posts...
  2. Looks like it worked! She doesn't look so thrilled about being a model...maybe if you paid her in doggie treats!!
  3. Sheryl, May God hold you and your family in his arms at this time. Take care.
  4. Vicki, Great job on that Civil War...and great choice of the Baptist Fan...did a little birdie give you that idea?? All kidding aside, the Baptist Fan has a bit of a learning curve, but it's well worth it. It is so traditional and is beautiful on so many quilts. Love your custom, too. I hope to grow up and do that someday!
  5. God bless you, Heidi!! You are truly a special person. Now, take care and do something nice for yourself for a change!!
  6. I don't know...I think your hat is too pretty and "normal" for the wedding. Did you see the hat Beatrice wore?? That looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland! There were a lot of really strange looking hats at that wedding. But wasn't it fun to see the couple and see how serious they seemed to be in taking their vows. Just a beautiful wedding. I wish more people would get married around here this day and age. Everybody, including my son and his girlfriend (whom I love and want to keep for a daughter-in-law) just want to live together. They say they will get married if and when t
  7. I love that quilt. I am still kicking myself for not buying that kit when it was half price for crazy days at my LQS. Beautiful quilting, too!
  8. I have a Brother Quattro and love it. Am still learning but it is a very user friendly machine. I got the Quattro as I wanted the bigger hoops for doing redwork quilt blocks to integrate into my quilts. There are some darling redwork designs out there. I like doing my quilt labels on my embroidery machine now and have done a few for customers as well. It is an expensive hobby though, as there are so many designs to purchase out there. The next design CD I want to buy is on quilt designer Edyta Sitar's "Laundry Basket Quilts" website. It's a Baltimore album done with machine embroidery c
  9. Lynn, I just finished frogging, easy frogging just like you did. In the back of my mind as I was quilting along and thinking "it's kind of pulling funny" and remembering this post and your reminder to stop when it's pulling funny...I still ignored my gut and kept going. Got to the end of the row of Feathered Curls and had the railroad tracks on back just like you did. So a couple of hours of frogging later I am now going to try again. I checked my bobbin and the thread was not all the way up in the little groove. Dog gone it, that's never happened before. But like you, it was easy fro
  10. Vicki, I'm glad the visual helped. Again, I'm sorry that I didn't notice I had a u2u from you. I need them to flash in red or something!! I assumed that R&S would send good instructions with brand new boards, but not so, evidently. There is a learning curve with these baptist fan boards, but boy do my customers love the traditional look. I, too, like that they connect like the real thing and there isn't a space between them. Sorry that you had to struggle so much before help arrived!! Happy Easter!
  11. I just checked my link and I noticed picture #11 shows the connecting stitching. That is exactly how I do it. Is that what you are doing??
  12. Vicki, I found the link I used that I found on this forum go to Picture #8 shows the quilting path order that I use. In fact, I advance the way she does and I start on the second arc like she does. I know when I was trying to figure the thing out I went over and over her webshot pictures and finally got it figured out. Be sure to notice written comments from picture to picture. I had purchased my R&S boards from a private owner and didn't get instructions. I figured R&S would send good instructions with the purchase of
  13. Vicki, I had a little bit of an issue with that when I used the boards also. I'm thinking you mean the little back track that joins the second row to the previous one. I just backtrack to barely fill in the line to the top fan but not any further. It's so hard to even describe this with words. What order do you sew the fans? I know there are many different instructions out there. I am wondering if we do it the same way. I'm sure I found the instructions on this forum. I'll try to locate that and get the link to you. Another thing I do when I use the BF boards is to keep my quilt ti
  14. Oh I think Bodee could have anything his little heart desired at my look in those eyes and I would be putty in his hands. What a beauty. And Sara is pretty, too. I have a happy ending story that just happened last week. A 7 year old black lab needed a new home because his master had passed away. The family of the deceased said they would have to put him down if they did not find a home. I did not know the dog or the family but it broke my heart to think that he would possibly be put down. Anyway, I asked a quilter friend who had a large email list of quilters set up so s
  15. Oh, cute story. I have three dogs and I hate to leave them ever with my husband in charge. I worry the whole time I'm gone as they are used to our two walks per day by the lake and I don't think he hardly lets them out of the kennel. We had fun this morning when I took them down by the lake. My 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab had fun with a beaver in the bay. The beaver would swim toward one side so Dillinger (Dilly for short) would run around the point to get closer to him and then the beaver would slap his tail, go under the water, and come up swimming toward the other side of the bay, so
  16. Are you right handed or left handed and which hand do you hold the accuguide with?? When I tried to use the accuguide it seemed like it felt better to me to hold the guide with my left hand and I am right handed. Thanks so much for trying to help the rest of us out here.
  17. Oh, I just love kitties and doggies...have two labs and a german short hair, all outside doggies though. My kittie I had at the farm lives with my daughter now as my husband said no to a kitty at the lake house. I sure do miss my Roxy though. There is nothing like a kittie to snuggle with.
  18. I have a Pfaff 7530 Quilt and Craft Pro and I love it. For a DSM I will always have a Pfaff with the even feed. I have a Brother Quattro for my embroidery machine and love it, but I wish I had gotten a machine with more needles as well as I will probably always have a Pfaff for piecing and I have my long arm for quilting so I will probably not use the other features on my Quattro except embroidery. Being the Pfaff girl that I am I really, really, wanted to go with the Creative Vision for embroidery, but the reviews at the time were not good, so I went with the Brother.
  19. The picture of Haylee standing by you while you hold the new baby just tugs at my heart...I always think of the older child when a new baby comes into their space...and it always amazes me how big they look "grown up" all of the sudden. God bless you and your grandbabies!!!
  20. Ever think that you are just too darn dependable??? I think everyone relies on you because they know you will take care of everything all the time. I think when MQX gets over you should "accidently" get on the wrong plane and go to the Bahamas for the next week!!
  21. I just feel so sad for that generation...and I hope and pray that we all have great health and are still crazy about quilting and all of our hobbies. Please Dear Lord let us all have good eye sight and good health so we can quilt til we kick off!! That's like they didn't know what to do except wait on their family. I'm the other extreme. I'm home quilting for a business and my poor husband comes home and...sometimes there is supper, but most often there is not. He just says "what are you in the mood for for supper?" and we figure it out together. He cooks a lot of the ti
  22. Congrats!! Linda!!! Thinking of you!!!:)
  23. There are some really cool designs on guns. Boy, do I sound like a tough old Montana girl or what? I just like to look at the guns, my husband likes to shoot them. They are much too loud for me!
  24. What does the symbol that I should beware of look like?