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  1. I too love Mimosa by Urban Elementz and a newer one I have purchased by them which I love even more is Fire Lily. It just seems to work with so many quilts. I also really like Feathered Curls but I'm not sure at the moment who makes it. I did Flurry on a Christmas quilt recently and it was darling. So many...remember I'm the Panto Queen!!
  2. Linda, Congrats!! Isn't it so cool to know that you will never be bored after retirement as some people are. We quilters have so much to look forward to. You will love your embroidery machine. I just got one this year and am doing all of my labels with it and some for customers. Also, I have made some really cute snowmen redwork blocks to incorporate into a quilt and also some fall blackwork designs. I love redwork but don't want to take the time to do it by hand although it is really relaxing to do hand work. I never thought I would want an embroidery machine but then both of my
  3. Linnea Marie, I love your storage shelves...but I really, really love your stash!! I was proud of myself today when I stopped in at my LQS to pick up a quilt to quilt...I looked at the sale area which is overflowing at the moment with good stuff, but I abstained. I think it was because of my adding up what I spent last year at her store. I have a little more will power for the moment. We'll see how long I last before I "go off the wagon"!!
  4. Gorgeous feathers. So, that is no marking other than the spine? Amazing!
  5. Angie, I wanted to say that I hear where you are coming from...I have been out of control as you all could buying fabric. My lovely LQS had a 10th anniversary coupon book this year so we had a different "savings" each month whether it was on kits, notion, fat quarters, or yardage and I only missed using one coupon out of the book and that was the Halloween fabric one. If she did as well with everybody else as she did with me, she had a banner year!! When we were doing my taxes, my husband was impressed at how much I had come up on quilting for customers this year and wondered wh
  6. One more of my favorite picture in my studio and then I'm done. I'm exhausted!!
  7. One more of my "fabric close". You have to see the cool apron a girlfriend made for me before I had my embroidery machine...Can you read "Material Girl" on the apron? So cute!
  8. On a roll studio...I hope!
  9. More pictures...I don't know how to put more than one on one post??? Figure I am doing pretty good just getting a picture to post!! (Computer challenged)
  10. Here's my stash...I have a "fabric closet" right off of my studio. All of my quilting fabric is out (not so neatly stacked at the moment) on open shelves. There is no window to that room so I don't worry about light fading the fabric. I really like this system as I can see everything at a glance. I can shut the door if needed to hide the room, but I rarely close it. My vintage table was originally put in there to cut fabric on, but my new(used) Quattro sits there now. I didn't really like cutting stuff out in there. I like to bring the fabric out in my big room to cut.
  11. Linda, I am with you...I am just in awe of what some of you gals do with custom quilting and freehand, but I need a line to follow, I just do. I would still like to do some custom and I was looking on Urban Elements the other day and they have neat pantos with coordinating block patterns and sashing patterns. I thought I might give that a try one of these days. It would help me to get past the not being able to decide what design to put where problem I have. My LQS has a booming long arm business and she at times gets overrun with quilts. She does a lot of custom and it works for me, c
  12. We are still having winter here. More snow today and at 100+ inches when our usual average is 26 inches. Thanks for the thought of what spring might be like. I think I can envision it??...Maybe???
  13. I like that term...less intimidating...makes you want to dig right in and crack stitch!! Well, maybe dig right in wasn't the best choice of words!!
  14. Prayers for Zack that it is a "typical" benign tumor and that the surgery will go well and that he is back playing sports in no time and prayers for his family, too.
  15. Ditto, Linda! Panto's are my bread and butter...put some rockin' music on the stereo and go for the panto!! You'll be done in no time!
  16. That is a precious picture! I can't imagine anyone ever giving that beautiful dog up. He looks like he is plenty comfortable at your house.
  17. Sheryl, I have decided it is better to work from home, make less money, not have to drive winter roads, do what I love (quilting for customers and me!), go for two walks with my doggies per day, and have great health, rather than working in a stressful job, running down my health, leaving my doggies in the kennel all day, and never getting to quilt!! It's kind of a catch work for insurance so when your health goes to heck because of your stressful job you can cover doctor bills!! Something is wrong with that picture!! You will be fine, just take a deep breath, and ask God what's
  18. I hope you can have someone with you when you leave your old house for the last time. I left my farmhouse after almost 20 years there and was bringing the last load so was all alone. It was pretty hard to turn off the lights for the last time, especially to the kids rooms where they had spent their growing up years. Oh, now I'm gonna cry.:( But, on the brighter side, you have many new wonderful memories to make in your new home! May God bless you and be with you through this new adventure, Patty Jo.
  19. Did you check for thread in the wheels?? Nothing to do with the quiltazoid, but when I have wobbly things going on it is because I have thread in one of my wheels. Just a thought.