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  1. Hi, thanks for checking this out. I am waiting for one person to check the toral purchase when she can come test the machine. I can follow up later.
  2. I have an APQS Millennium that I want to sell as we prepare for downsizing. I bought it in 2005 ,I think the serial number is A04002. It has had moderate use over the years. I had planned to have a retirement business but that didn’t happen. I did quilts for Quilts of Valor for about 5 years and most of them were lap size. I figure over all, I averaged about 10 a year of varying sizes. I still do some small quilts for our guild’s community quilts. I had the machine serviced in April 2018. It has 12 ft zippered leaders, motorized feed, thread cutter, front & rear handles, laser light, Hartl
  3. Thanks for your responses. I definitely can't afford the $1,000 lifetime iron. Even though I still think things should be built to last a lifetime, I like the idea to go cheaper and treat them as a disposable item. I'll have to shop tomorrow. Joyce
  4. Hi to all. I've been reading this site for quite awhile now but this is my first posting. I need some input on which irons people find reliable. I was going to get a Rowenta with the water reservoir but read a lot of bad review about the Rowentas. I would like one that doesn't turn off automatically because that gets annoying. I sit to sew and then get up to iron and it is off. Thanks for any info you can offer me. Joyce
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