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    Quilting, Boy Scouts (I have 2 boys - a 14 year old that just made Life Scout and a 12 year old that is a Star Scout), Running (have completed 8 Half Marathons)
  1. We just put new M&M Wheels on my 1993 Ultimate I - plugged her in and she is automatically running and pushing the button on either front or back handle won't stop her . . . any suggestions?
  2. Thanks so much to Chris Landis. She came over to my house not once, but twice. She brought her husband back this evening! My only hope is that someday I will be the one that knows what I'm doing and can help another newbie! I am sure I'll have more questions, but for now am enjoying doing my loopty loops! Guess one day I'll have to figure out how to do something else, but for now I'm just excited to be quilting! Thanks again to everyone who offered advice!
  3. Thanks Busy Quilting. She did give me some metal bobbins, which I have yet to wind. She also gave me a somewhat antique looking thing that is supposed to be a bobbin winder so I am going to try to figure that out. She told me the pre wound ones I have would work to get started (obviously, as I started doing real projects I might want to use different colors). I'm beginning to think she was wrong. Chris is going to come help me out - I think it's just wonderful when people want to help out newbies that they don't even know. She lives close to me so it is WONDERFUL! I only hope that one d
  4. Chris - Depending where in Dayton you are, I'm @ 30 minutes away and would LOVE some help! I'm in Lewisburg which is @ Exit 14 off I-70 in Preble County. I am only couple miles off interstate on State Rt 503. Let me give you my email address and you can send me a private message - jdbateman@woh.rr.com Teresa - good question! I'm using the ones that I thought were right but am not sure. I'll double check because I think that's a big part of what I'm doing wrong and just don't know which way is right. I'll print this and double check. I'm using preloaded bobbins that are plastic rather
  5. Darlene, I'm in Ohio. Wish I was closer - would love some help! I am clueless and have spent hours just trying to get it going. I will prevail (somehow)!
  6. Help! I am the brand new owner of a 1993 Ultimate 1 and have NO idea what I'm doing. I think I'm not getting bobbin in right - it doesn't want to pull to top when I do couple stitches and once it does - my top thread is showing through on bottom. It wasn't doing this when I first got it started. But as bobbin occasionally falls out (should it do that?) and I don't know how the correct way to put it in. Am using disposable plastic bobbins. Any advice or pictures would be helpful! I have tried rethreading machine and it seems to be threaded correctly . . . . Thanks in advance for any advi
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