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  1. Wow that is amazing. Your quilting really makes it sing. I have never seen the ribbon worked in to the leaves like that they look so real, if a breeze comes up they might still blow away. The crystals are very dramatic also, like moisture in the still morning. It is so nice of you to give it to someone who appreciates it. I love giving quilts to just the right person at the right time. Joan
  2. I got some pictures, but having a few moments about getting them on here Also, check out my new leaders! Bought some outdoor fabric, woodgrain, at Fabricland and with the help of a friend got this done yesterday. I sewed on a zero center tape measure on the one leader since I took the picture. If it quits storming I will try it out this afternoon. Joan
  3. Good morning. I have a 2007 Millie, it is just past where it could be updated to the led lights. I had my husband take off the flourscent tube light in the front of the machine. I tried a couple different lights but I have had these lights on the machine for a couple years. They are awesome, you can see far more of your quilting area. I put it on with the double sided tape, it plugs into the laser plug on the machine. This light was much more important that the laser to me. I think I ordered the lights from Checker. I could post a ppicture (I think I can, I think I can) if anyo
  4. Just thought I'd let you know. Bev has bought them all. Thanks to all who responded. Joan
  5. Hi Bev. I have a couple boxes of pantos for sale. I have IQ (I love it) and am getting tired of shuffling those boxes around. I am not sure how to list them here. I have a file saved on my computer with the list that I could email to anyone interested. I would like to sell them in one batch if possible. Joan
  6. Thanks for sharing Ardelle, your joyous spirit is very beautiful. Your inspiration is contagious. Blessings. (((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Joan
  7. Oh Ladies you are in for a great experience starting to work with computers. I have had IQ for about...maybe almost 2 years.... Darlene Epps designs are really great - love em. Angela Huffman is digitizing designs now as well. My "go to" for a ton of panto's is Anne Bright - she has monthly clubs with prices you can't beat. The first of every month you get a variety of "wow" just looking at them. by Laurie Thomas is also one of my first to go to. She also has a great monthly club for $35. - you get $100 worth of designs. Sweet Dreams Studio by Kim Diamond -
  8. Check out the designs at It's A Quilt Thing - Laurie Thomas she has awesome designs, and a great monthly club to join. Hope this helps too!
  9. Good morning I sent you a u2u. Thanks Joan:P
  10. :cool::cool::cool: You have my vote for sure. Hope we can vote from Canada. You are the greatest Angela. Thanks;);)
  11. ;);) You can do it !!!!!!!!! Have fun:D:cool::cool::cool::cool: Watch Angela's video's they will help you out. Joan
  12. Good morning ladies. I was in Bestbuy in Red Deer, Alberta on Friday, and talked to the Apple guru that I bought my IPad from. I said I was looking for a small tipped stylus to "draw". I said I wanted a to draw on a quilt photo on the IPad from pictures I had taken. He showed me a program called "NoteShelf". He held down a "key" (with his finger) which brought up the options for the size of line. It was perfect. He brought up a picture from his Ipad, a face, and drew glasses, eyebrows, etc., then he took a picture of this foot, just to show how, and drew on that picture. I think
  13. Donna that is awesome!! Where can we get the pattern? How have you been? Keeping busy I see. Joan
  14. ;) Another great show Angela - you are awesome. Thanks. Joan