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  1. What does the Halo do? Can you take a photo or explain?
  2. I had to refuse a quilt, but I broke my own rule. I usually sit down with the customer and the two of us measure the quilt top and I take a good look at the backing. In this case the backing was pieced and wasn't square, straight or anything inbetween. It dipped once mounted on the machine by a good 4 inches. I mean we are talking about a huge bubble. I called the customer and had her come to the studio to get the quilt. I praised her for the quilt top and talked about making a square backing using various fabrics. As gentle as I was, she never came near me again. She tried many of the other longarm quilters in our area without much success and finally remade the backing and had it quilted. I sure don't know what else to do in situations like this. Our name rides on our work and this wasn't going to turn out well if I had quilted it. I hadn't sat down with her when she first came to measure. She's known to be a top quilter and I was a bit intimidated. I apologized like crazy when she came to get it, but........
  3. What might be fun to try is using Golden Threads paper which tears easy, make you own designs on it that would actually fit your quilt and use Roxanne's baste glue which can be put on by drops. It should hold long enough for you to quilt the area. I might try that with my George. I"ll post if it works well. The rolls of designs by the Quilting Made Easy are great. It's just that I have quilts that don't match with their sizes. So one way or another, a new methods needs to come forth......
  4. Hitomi, I just don't need anything more to make me homesick. Born and raised on O'ahu. Just saw The Descendants, the movie with George Clooney filmed on O'ahu, Kaua'i and your island. Gorgeous Hawaiian music throughout. Your orchids are stunning! My mom raised tons of them. Mahalo for sharing. So glad you're in the APQS ohana.
  5. i haven't met a Superion thread I didn't like. And, lucky us, the Glide thread is awesome. Love the MagnaGlide bobbins. My turbo winder is like an art object in my studio. It just sits there looking real pretty. Maybe I should decorate with some glitzy fabric flowers. My Gammill friends have discovered the Glide thread and MagnaGlide bobbins. They have somehow solved their tension problems they were experiencing with other threads. Who let the secret out?!!! Aren't we lucky to have such fantastic products available to us quilters?
  6. I'm part of the "old" Bernina camp. I have a 1130, 1530 and a newly acquilred Nova 900--like their Featherweight. I wouldn't trade these machines in for anything. I own a new Brother that does a gazillion embroidery stitches and has an embroidery unit. Does a great job. I love certain embroidery stitches that both the 1130 and 1530 do and both outstitch the Brother. I can get picky just because!! I love the fact that all these machines handle any kind of thread. So I have no complaints. I have a great tech who takes excellent care of my Berninas. And, I have a 6 year old Pfaff actually made by Pfaff instead of Viking. Do you think I like sewing machines? Used to own a lot more but these all are used and beloved by me!!
  7. I had the blue markings on a quilt (that I sent away to a show) come back. I have shared how to remove the blue marks with many, many quilters. So I'll share with all of you. Don't ever be afraid to use the blue washable markers again.If you have blue marks come back that you thought you removed, soak the quilt top in the washing machine with enough cold water to soak it in. Add two large bags of ice and let it sit in the cold water and ice for at least two hours. If you're scared to apply heat to this quilt top, air dry it. I guarantee that the blue marks are gone and gone for good. This quilt won first place in its category and it 's been on my bed, through the washer and dryer since it's appearance in two quilt shows. If you want to experiment, mark a piece of cloth with a blue washable marker. Heat it and try to remove it with ice and cold water. Let me know if it works for you. I continue to use the blue markers and the Sewline pencils, Roxanne's pencils and don't have any issues.
  8. Two Berninas 1130 & 1530, Pfaff 2040, Singers FW & 301, Brother Ult embroidery machine and a Janome 3050DC. All totally cool. Although I mutter quite a bit running the Brother embroidery machine. Wore out a Viking. Didn't like how it did buttonholes. Just being picky.
  9. Loved your blog and the gorgeous quilts. Your quilting is fantastic.
  10. Has anyone used one of these than can be purchased from Harbor Freight.
  11. You will love your Christmas present. Did he come with a red bow? I love my George!
  12. The author just wrote three books with the Girl With.... I couldn't put any of the 3 books down when I started them. Read them out of order, but it didn't matter. Has anyone read the latest Jennifer Chiaverrini book?
  13. Both the longarm tables and the George table are adjustable. I also use an adjustable chair with my George. The arms adjust too. It's so good for your body to have your arms resting at the ssme level as the table. Kerileann, let me know if you have any more questions. I own both a Millennium and a George. Love both for different reasons!
  14. i can see why you won! Totally beautiful quilts. I'm so inspired by you George quilters.
  15. OMG--I'll never complain about our heating and electric bill! Definitely do solar. Can you garnish some heat from Madame Pele?