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  1. I would like an answer to that as well. My Millie has the thread cutter and it works maybe 1 percent of the time. My machine is new, just got it up and running in December and have done 6 quilt tops. Jeannette
  2. I am finally 'unafraid' of putting threaded needle to fabric with my Millie and QuiltPath, and have done 2 small all over patterns which turned out very well. So... let's get creative.... I had a quilt with 20 'on point' 12 inch blocks surrounded by corner triangles, so I started out with stippling at the top border, quilted a pattern in the centre square, and quilted a triangle block in the 4 corners of each square. I was not sure whether to 'pull the bobbin' every time I changed pattern placement, so I did some 'pull the bobbin' and some without pulling the bobbin. When the quilt was finished, the top is quite lovely, but the bottom of the quilt is a rat's nest of threads. How can I avoid this in the future? Am I restricted to overall panto patterns if I don't want to deal with all those thread ends? Another question I have is how do I deal with the "out of the save area" messages that come up, even though I tell QuiltPath the exact length and width of the quilting area, total length and total height of the pattern area..... Jeannette, very new to QuiltPath but determined to master it, even if I don't understand 'nodes', etc etc ....
  3. Actually, selecting the 3 points should work. YOu need to play with the 'long line' of the pattern, selecting them in different sequence till you get the right placement. Worked for me..
  4. Hi Ronie, I got my Millie and QuiltPath up and running finally and have been playing with Quiltpath. I managed to use a triangle block and place it in the 4 outside corners of a square. If you email me at I will get my program up and running and should be able to tell you the steps to do this. Jeannette
  5. O I am still waiting for my Quilt Path to arrive, October is my month, hopefully sooner than later!!!! I have been playing with free motion quilting, but I am having trouble with that. I am 5.0 and having a terrible time reaching the on/off switch, and working the far reaches of the sewing area. The frame is set at it's lowest level but it is still too high for me. Very sad about this and trying to find a solution.
  6. I placed my Order for Millie and just waiting to hear on the shipping date. I also ordered the Quilt Path but opted to get the Millie right away instead of waiting for the 2 to arrive together. I am eagerly awaiting my new 'toys' and have been looking for a Forum dedicated to Quilt Path, with no success. Is there one?