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  1. well, I need to go look at my manual. Are trusses used to hold the rails when not in use??
  2. Thanks! I'm so happy to see APQS has forums!!! woo hoo!
  3. I've inherited a Baby Lock serger. Anymore ideas for using a serger when quilting??
  4. oh no offense taken that's why I winked at you. I've only have my machine for a little while and I just want to make sure I have everything I need to insure this investment lasts! I appreciate any advice I get when it comes to taking care of my new baby. I even built her a room of her very own!
  5. You sound like my Mom;) "check your manual..dear..."
  6. I'm a newbie and clueless... I have a used Freedom with a 14 foot table. I have no idea what the heck a TRUSS for a longarm looks like but it sounds like I should have one. Any pictures out there??
  7. Oh my gosh. Thanks for posting. I blew the fuse and freaked out! Found the spare and replaced it. Thanks for the info..
  8. WOW!! I'm a newbie Longarmer and I can't thank everyone enough for such great info!!! I'm at a lost about all the different kinds of threads. I love warm and natural batting couldn't live with out my applique scissors no favorite stencils yet
  9. Thread Question - I just inherited a ton of Maxi Lock Serger Thread. Can I use that in my Freedom? From the notes above it looks like I can. Help
  10. SuzieQ


    Thanks everyone! it was the fuse. Happy Quilting again!
  11. SuzieQ


    OK! I'm a newbie! THANKS... It was the fuse. Gosh that was scary. Does that happen very often? Renee I love the name... Covered Wagon Quilts!! Thanks again;)
  12. SuzieQ


    I was in the middle of quilting and all of a sudden my Freedom just stopped. The lights above my machine stayed on so the power is not an issue. This has never happened before. Any ideas what may be the problem?? I've unplugged the machine and plugged it back in. Nothing I'm at a loss