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  1. I've been using a trick I got from another message board. Put a capful of Downy Fabric Softner (the blue stuff) in a spray bottle. Add enough water to fill it up to the quart level and shake it a little bit. Spray lightly and then roll the fabric. I even use it on laundry -- I put the shirt, pants or skirt on a hanger, spray lightly and then hang it up and almost all of the wrinkles fall out. Same principle as those fabric releasers but very cheap. Kathy
  2. The quilt back winning an award is hilarious! Life is chock full of unexpected surprises, isn't it? Kathy (MD)
  3. Joyce, you are absolutely right that your MIL will love the quilt even if it has flaws. I recently quilted a very badly pieced quilt top for a neighbor. It had been made by her grandmother in the 1930's. Some blocks where an inch bigger on one side than the other, the sashing strips usually didn't line up, and the appliqued dresden plates were coming apart. I did my best and was amazed at how wonderful it looked when it was quilted. the sashing is still crooked and some of those stains will never come out, but she loves it and I know your MIL will love that you made this quilt for her and incorporated pictures and verses that mean so much to her. A home-made gift is a gift of yourself -- true love. Kathy
  4. Darlene, thank you so much for posting a picture of the table. I have been dying of curiosity about it. I love that it has the two rails in the take up area so you don't have to keep raising the take up bar. Can you sit on a stool with this machine or do the two front rails keep you too far away? Kathy
  5. I am dying to see Lennie and so disappointed that there were no pictures of the frame posted on June 1. Did you see it before you bought? Do you have pictures?????? Curiosity is just killing me. Kathy - MD
  6. This is making me nuts!!!! I got the notice that pictures and information about this wonderful new machine would be available June 1. Curiosity was killing me as I was out of town June 1 for my DH's 50th high school reunion and we would be staying at my MIL's with NO INTERNET. I just got home and raced to my computer do see what it was. But I'm still dying of curiosity. Where's the picture of this wonderful table? Where's pictures of so many things about this new machine? How can I start rationalizing a $10,000 expense with so few details? Oh, APQS, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, give me more details and more pictures. Kathy in MD
  7. Oh, Shana, that link was such fun. I just wish I could get appliqued flowers to magically appear on my quilts like that! I just LOVE applique, but don't really have to patience for it, although I trying it out more. Kathy-wanabee in MD
  8. I'm in, too. I can do two blocks following our fearless leader's plan, which I think is perfect. I've got two questions : 1. I don't understand the signing the block instructions. I assume you mean to put your name in the seam allowance, but I'm worried that little bits of the writing might slip outside the quarter inch and show in the finished block. 2. Where do I mail them? Kathy, the Wannabee in Maryland
  9. I'm just a wannabe, but I tried the Millie and the Liberty at Quilt Odessy last year. First of all, I must tell you that I have a pretty bad neck (lots of bad discs and bone spurs) so my comments wouldn't apply if you have no problems. I really felt the Millie pulling on my neck, but not so much with the Liberty. I thought about the limitations of the smaller throat, but don't think it would be an issue since the APQS automatic feed goes both forward and backward at the push of a button. A foot pedal button, no less, so you don't have to stop what you're doing! The only thing standing between me and a Liberty is $$$$$. If I didn't have spine problems, however, I'd go for the Millie.
  10. Thanks, Linda, for the idea of using fusible batting. So simple, but the thought never occured to me. Kathy
  11. I am intrigued by the George because my space is a little cramped. One question I have is how you get the quilt set up. Do you have to baste it before quilting the way you do for hand quilting? Kathy
  12. I tried a saddle stool once and LOVED it. I have spine problems and I don't think that a drafting stool would be as comfortable if you have any problems. The saddle stool is very awkward to get on, but once you get on it it forces your spine into the proper position and you can just feel the stress on bad joints disappear. If you can exchange it, I would. Kathy-wannabe Liberty owner
  13. Me again. Thought of more questions. What is the throat measurement? I've noticed that most of the other sit-down machines have you sit facing the machine head, the way you do on a frame. Why is George positioned like a regular DSM? (APQS always knows what they're doing, so I'm sure there's an advantage. I just can't figure it out.) Kathy
  14. If it has a speed regulator, what does the foot pedal do? Does it control the speed or just start and stop George? Can you set it to do either one? Kathy (wishing I had more space for a 12' machine)