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  1. Hi Folks, I'm having such difficulty figuring out what to do with a winding way's, two color top. I am REALLY stuck. Can someone offer suggestions, PLEASE! This was my Husband's Christmas quilt from this past holiday, so I'm WAY behind but it was such a stinker to piece, I want to quilt it really cool & custom for him HELP! And thank you in advance Caren
  2. I found an old 830 record at our local Goodwill, no feet or attachments but it does a BEAUTIFUL straight stitch & an amazing zig zag & satin stitch. I was so thrilled to find it. I'm a collector of vintage machines & I LOVE to sew on them. I honestly prefer the old, mechanical, metal machines to anything of the new ones.
  3. LOL, I have WAY more tools than my Beloved & I keep them organized to boot. He comes to me when he needs something
  4. Yep, I absolutely do. All I do is custom & I don't do many for others but they are ALL MY babies! LOL I feel the same with anyone's hair I do also. It's always MY work, their hair/quilt but MY artwork. It's a team effort when you work on someone else's things. As with both hair & quilting, a thorough consultation is critical to ensure that you're both on the same page & have a happy end result. Fun question, Linda
  5. I have the Sizzix Pro & I love it.10 + layers at a time, no problem. I find that by starching, pressing & carefully positioning fabric (always be mindful of grain-line!) I've never had an issue of shifting. I am a lover of scrap quilts so there is no such thing as fabric waste at all. I use every bit of it!
  6. I'll tell you what, sjt, anything that can be messed up with an Ult 1 can be fixed or replaced fairly easily. I love mine & would do it again in a heartbeat.
  7. Sure thing! I have an Ult 1 which I bought used from APQS several years ago. I LOVE it! It IS a bare bones machine, which is exactly what I wanted. I have needed to do various maintenance things & parts are absolutely available from APQS & the service support is the best. The Milli is basically an Ult 1 with bells & whistles. I upgraded to ergonomic handles before the machine was sent to me & I'm glad I did. I've also replaced the original wheels with Edgeriders & then again with the M & M wheels. I highly recommend that upgrade as well. I can do anything with that mach
  8. I have the Red Snappers & I love them. I also raised my level bar a smidge as well as the bar that the quilt top attaches. No issues
  9. Thanks, Gals. I was thinking an organic free-form feather in the background. Joan, I like the details on the flower petals on the pic you posted :-)
  10. Mine came in the mail yesterday! It's very cool & filled with GREAT design ideas! Linda, you ROCK!
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