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  1. Hi Folks, I'm having such difficulty figuring out what to do with a winding way's, two color top. I am REALLY stuck. Can someone offer suggestions, PLEASE! This was my Husband's Christmas quilt from this past holiday, so I'm WAY behind but it was such a stinker to piece, I want to quilt it really cool & custom for him HELP! And thank you in advance Caren
  2. I found an old 830 record at our local Goodwill, no feet or attachments but it does a BEAUTIFUL straight stitch & an amazing zig zag & satin stitch. I was so thrilled to find it. I'm a collector of vintage machines & I LOVE to sew on them. I honestly prefer the old, mechanical, metal machines to anything of the new ones.
  3. LOL, I have WAY more tools than my Beloved & I keep them organized to boot. He comes to me when he needs something
  4. Yep, I absolutely do. All I do is custom & I don't do many for others but they are ALL MY babies! LOL I feel the same with anyone's hair I do also. It's always MY work, their hair/quilt but MY artwork. It's a team effort when you work on someone else's things. As with both hair & quilting, a thorough consultation is critical to ensure that you're both on the same page & have a happy end result. Fun question, Linda
  5. I have the Sizzix Pro & I love it.10 + layers at a time, no problem. I find that by starching, pressing & carefully positioning fabric (always be mindful of grain-line!) I've never had an issue of shifting. I am a lover of scrap quilts so there is no such thing as fabric waste at all. I use every bit of it!
  6. I'll tell you what, sjt, anything that can be messed up with an Ult 1 can be fixed or replaced fairly easily. I love mine & would do it again in a heartbeat.
  7. Sure thing! I have an Ult 1 which I bought used from APQS several years ago. I LOVE it! It IS a bare bones machine, which is exactly what I wanted. I have needed to do various maintenance things & parts are absolutely available from APQS & the service support is the best. The Milli is basically an Ult 1 with bells & whistles. I upgraded to ergonomic handles before the machine was sent to me & I'm glad I did. I've also replaced the original wheels with Edgeriders & then again with the M & M wheels. I highly recommend that upgrade as well. I can do anything with that machine including ruler work w/o the stitch regulator. The stitches are beautiful & if you're looking for a great, reliable machine, you've found it. Keep us posted, welcome to the forum!
  8. I have the Red Snappers & I love them. I also raised my level bar a smidge as well as the bar that the quilt top attaches. No issues
  9. Thanks, Gals. I was thinking an organic free-form feather in the background. Joan, I like the details on the flower petals on the pic you posted :-)
  10. Mine came in the mail yesterday! It's very cool & filled with GREAT design ideas! Linda, you ROCK!
  11. Hi Hi folks, I've got a large, nicely hand pieced, grandmothers flower garden wall hanging to quilt. It's a single basket with flowers & leaves. Since the background is all cream colored gfg blocks, I just don't know what to do with it. It already has so much texture. The client said she doesn't want any straight lines, other than that, she's leaving it up to me. I'm at a loss. Ideas & suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Caren
  12. Hey Chris! No dumb questions. I found a 'locking pin' from Tractor Supply for $2.50 that I duct taped to the top of my machine. It doesn't look as nice as the ones from here, but it works great!
  13. Thanks everyone! I posted the pic here in Nov or Dec 2010 it was white with 1930's repro fabrics. I can't seem to find the pic on here anywhere & can't quite figure out how to attach it the other way, ugh. I'm sorry.... Wait! I think it may work now!
  14. Shoot, I thought I was attaching a pic, sorry. It's the one I made for my Mom's birthday 2 years ago. I dunno how to find it on here either.
  15. Well, this is awesome! It seems like I go through those little pig tails faster than I can believe. I did start to turn them upside down to wear a groove in the other side before putting new ones on but these ceramic guides are going on my list. Thanks for sharing your brilliance & resourcefulness, Ladies!
  16. YEAH! Glad you're home & all went well. Now for some unsolicited advice from someone who has had that same surgery. Take your pain meds as directed & stay on top of your pain, do NOT try to 'tough through it' Also, take it easy & what they always say about vacuuming, driving & stairs is true, DON'T. My turn around time was 11 days. On Day 11, I was feeling quite well & caught up with my life again. Be gentle with yourself & allow yourself to heal. Good time to catch up on hand work & mags. Sending healing thoughts to you xo