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  1. Modern Thinking looks gorgeous! We would love to have a picture of that for our new website which is to be launched within the next couple of weeks. The current temporary page does not have all of our quilts listed. Please tell you customer we love it and the quilting, too! Amy Walsh Blue Underground Studios, Inc
  2. Kingsmen quilting suppliers in IL also carries wool batting--you do not need to have a wholesale number to order from them. While we are on the subject of log cabins I have a question. A customer just gave me a 90 x 100 log cabin on which she wants freehand feathers and other meandering in each section. If I am going to do a freehand feather border, should I do the entire border first and pin baste the middle or do the border as I go along? Also, do any of you ever load your quilts on point? I have gotten some conflicting advice on this issue --I am really anxious to start this quilt but afraid to do the wrong thing!
  3. So sorry to hear about your foot,Diane. I have been splitting my time between organizing my studio and practicing. Since I have had my machine, life has definitely been getting in the way of my time on it! I am currently quilting a"broken dishes" variation that I plan to give to my sister for Christmas. Since I have 7 brothers and sisters, I decided my practice quilts (provided they look decent enough) would make great gifts. I am quilting this one with a pantograph and it is making me think I am going to like freehanding it much better....hmmm...that is a lot different that what I had originally thought....
  4. Thanks so much for your help! I am not too worried about the doorbell sound, or lack thereof---but I was getting a little frustrated about starting and stopping. Judy--your advice works great-- I am still working on perfecting the tension,but at least now my starts and stops aren't so obvious.
  5. My machine never makes that doorbell sound--it only chirps when the stitch regulator is on. Is there a way the chime could have been disengaged? If so, do I have the option of re-engaging it? I also would like some advice about starting and stopping with the stitch regulator. I always seem to end up with little nests of thread at the beginning and end. Thanks! Amy