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  1. How much throat space does this machine have? how much would shipping be to 78414?
  2. Is this still available? Will you,ship both machine and table?
  3. I’m live in Corpus Christi, Tx. 78414 zip. Do you have any idea how much shipping would be? Or give me the weight and dimensions of the box.
  4. Is this still available? If so, where in Texas are you?
  5. I am selling my machine to purchase a Bernina 830. My hubby says something has to go before I can buy the Bernina. I recently found a used one, so the Innova has got to go. Please email me with your best offer and maybe we can work something out.
  6. Hi everyone, I have an Innova sit-down machine for sale. I am asking $6,000. It has a built in stitch regulator. Purchased in Nov. 2013 at the Houston quilt show. It is in great shape, as I have hardly used this machine. I live in South Texas. Please send me email if you would like more details at jackkip@aol.com
  7. I will post as soon as I buy. I am going to the Houston quilt show. Which I can't wait for. I am so looking forward to it. Not just because of George, but the whole show itself. Plus I am having the added bonus of going with my sister. We haven't been anywhere by ourselves in 20+ years. So it will be a very exciting week. Counting down the days. Thanks again for all the replies. I have enjoyed reading them. Jackie
  8. A huge thank you to everyone who replied. OK, so ya'll do talk..hehe. I have tried the spray basting. Wasn't too impressed with it. Wasn't sure if it was the product or the user. So I ended up going back to my old tried and true safety pins. Any thoughts on the spray basting? I can't wait to sit down with George. You guys have really made him seem like a true friend. I so enjoy sitting down and quilting. I have tried quilting with a LA but just wasn't fun to me. I can't describe it, but I just didn't like it. So much more fun to sit and quilt away. One more quick question. O
  9. Judy, Thanks for the reply. I considered a LA, but in the end it just isn't the machine for me. I truly enjoy sitting down and quilting on my DSM. The only problem is the lack of space. I just completed a queen size on my DSM. It took me awhile but was really quite fun. I can't imagine what it would be like to do that with the throat size of George. I guess I am a little different too on this board, because I am not trying to go into business. Quilting is my passion and I love to make quilts to give away to family and friends. Luckily I live about 4 hours from Houston and attendi
  10. Been lurking around there for a little bit. There are so few posting about "George". I am attending the houston show to have my first date wtih George. Was hoping there would be more input on the george section. I guess everyone who does own a george is probably just spending too much time with George. So come on ladies and gentleman start chatting. I want to know all I can about George before our big date. I kind of feel like in high school when you go to your first real date. I just want everytyhing to be perfect...hehe Ya'll have a good night:D Jackie
  11. I totally agree. The market for a reasonable mid arm machine it great. Too many quilters want the option of quilting their own quilts. For me the big issue is space. A quilt frame and machine is a huge investment of real estate in my house. The cost is less of an issue. It is more the space factor. I am planning on spending some time meeting George at the Houston quilt show. I am hoping George will be the answer to my prayers. Large enough to enjoy quilting a queen size, but small enough to fit into a corner in my bedroom. Jackie
  12. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome. I can't wait to sit down and spend some time with George. I am hoping George is the machine for me. I have been machine quilting for years with my Bernina. I am just tired of fighting with large quilts. It gets old very fast. I have also tried a LA and it just wasn't enjoyable. It seemed more like a chore than something I wanted to do. It was on a Handi-quilter, so maybe it was the machine. But I just didn't like the rhtym. Not sure that makes any sense. So any thoughts if George is for me? Thanks again for making me feel so welcom