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  1. Ok, Debbie, what time do you want all of us to arrive? I like quiltedsunflower's idea to meet at her house....but anybody from Indep. or KC area can meet up with me before hand... I will be glad to bring a dish, drinks, whatever....
  2. Yes, I also drive I-35 all the way from Indep. MO. I would be delighted to have some riders along. Sheri--I so enjoyed meeting you from before--sorry, I won't get to see you.
  3. Yeah! It looks like I can make the 7th! One question--where are you located? Day trip mileage or farther?
  4. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face!
  5. I agree with Queenie about no more cutting grass and such. Me--snow---No worries DH, "the snow will melt off the driveway before you get home as the end of the week"--hee, hee... but I do have to bring in the wood for the stove. I also agree with Dustee about what winter speaks. Right there with you. Also, love the hot tub but for my arthritic knee and aching feet, however, it just relaxes me so much I am ready to sleep afterwards.
  6. I just finished 2 quilts using the Magna Glide Delights bobbins with So-Fine, Bottom Line, King Tut, Monoflment and Glide threads and never had a problem. Adjusted a tiny bit of tension when I used the King Tut and the Mono. One quilt was all King Tut and the other was McKenna Ryan's Beach Walk wallhanging and that was where I used all kids of threads on the applique and thread painting. I love those bobbins!!!
  7. I am so glad you brought up this topic as I am also researching the machines. While I love the newest ones, they are out of my price range---so once I decide what I want--I will watch sales... and re-sales. Hope others continue to respond.
  8. That is exactly what we did Jim. So we were happy and anticipating.....till an e-mail came from seller last night saying she had less yardage than she thought. So I took what she had and she refunded me the rest. She was gracious to work with and I would buy from her again. So first thing this morning on our way to take my daughters back to college--I took a detour in opposite direction to a quit store that had just a few yards left and purchased those too. So now I have enough!!! YEH!!!!!!! Then on way home to being a empty nester again!!!! I stopped at a quilt shop along the highway that I had been eyeing for a few years but never had the time to stop. I had a great time with the owner and will have fun with the purchases I made. It has been a day filled with Blessings.
  9. I have looked at all the sites but have had no luck. My daughter helped me and she found where it said it could be in one cut. So yeh!!!!!
  10. I am after a particular fabric that I have not been able to find. It is Stof fabrics--Rosie's Love Letter Style. I finally resorted to e-bay and found a seller Sylvia's.... There is no description of how the fabric is cut. It just asks for quantity. I want 6 yards but do not want it in individual cuts nor do I want any other cuts. I have written an e-mail to ask but have not received word--just wandering if any of you can help me in the mean time or where i can find the fabric elsewhere. Thanks for your help.
  11. I have a customer that wants me to quilt her T-shirt quilt top. It is made out of her son's soccer jersey shirts. It is a slick fabric and it will be interfaced. I asked her for a few scraps to play with--she did in deed give me few scraps--so not much playing. I also suggested to her to let me use my 80/20 batting instead of her poly batting. I will doing a large meander. Can anyone give me other pointers on how to quilt these slick jerseys?
  12. Awesome!!!!! I have the pattern and some of the fabric--now to find the time.....
  13. Loved the story--I am going to share it with a couple of fabric stashers. My husband laughed while reading it too. Aren't husbands great!!! Mine is supportive in all ways of quilting but doesn't know I am hoping to equal some of your stashes some day!!!
  14. Darn and I had 2 ladies coming with me. I am sure you will all have a great time!
  15. Prayers coming your way. A gall bladder attack is no fun! Gall Bladder surgery was a breeze--no more worrying!!!
  16. I love the new APQS site look! Easy to get around. Thanks so much for the BLOG listings--they are soooo much fun but time does fly when you start looking through them. But oh, what you learn!
  17. Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ummmm I am free if you choose the 18th. Do what the majority wants though. I will see Lynn tonight and Virginia chime in here please.
  18. I can identify with most all of you in the weight gain/loss unending stories. I am now in my 50's and never has it been so hard! I try to watch my portions, eat healthy, do have a sweet tooth, like diet coke, luckily have never drank coffee though but unless I walk miles each week it does not come off. I also go to Curves but may not keep it up as I am not seeing much results. Recently, found out my knees are bone on bone and too young for replacement. The Dr. said I should be in tremendous amount of pain and not walking but was impressed I am so active and it doesn't hurt that much unless I overdue it--believe me I am careful with them. But granted some mornings are slow and miles are less often. Anyway, I just keep trying. It doesn't help having my college kids home for the summers--they take just so much healthy eating and then they start to complain or fix the meals themselves. It is easiest to watch my diet during the school year when I have the house to myself. Shana, you do have it exactly right!!! Moderation and fresh foods and exercise. Mmmmm...just what my mom used to preach. Thanks for everybody's inspiration, it is motivating. I need that as a cruise and daughter's wedding are a year away.
  19. I love it! It is beautiful. I have done a small star quilt with quilting straight lines. It just gives them such a nice look. Thanks for sharing
  20. Thanks for all your support and ideas and laughs. Much appreciated. I gave the customer several suggestions of how things could be done a bit differently including tying the quilt. She is going to talk the ideas over with her mother who does the piecing. Hope she picks the tying. On the other quilt, I finished frogging with eyes intact and then did meandering overall. It look a lot better with the exception of one knit block--may decide to frog it again.... I am really hoping the quilting fairy visited last night!!!
  21. I had a potential customer stop by yesterday and brought a T-shirt top and backing. The blocks are huge but what was really a shock to me was that they had pieced the backing identical to the front and wanted to make sure thy were matched when I quilted it! Luckily for me the backing was the same size as the top. So I took her back to where I had a t-shirt quilt loaded and explained why I needed atleast a 4" border and why it would be nearly impossible to match blocks front and back when I can not see them. She understood and didn't make an issue after that. I told her she could find someone else--think she had already tried that. I have never been faced with this before---have any of you? She then told me another T-shirt top was being made with football jersey fabric and wanted to know if that slick material would be a problem. It has already been interfaced. I told her I had not done one like that but I would find out. She wants to use poly batting. So what is your experiences? Then the rest of the day went down hill from there when I put a first row of panto on a memory quilt with a knit shirt and blouse type shirts with a fleece backing. It looked horrible. So spent the entire afternoon frogging till eyes went crossed and got a nice headache for my trouble. I still have a half a row to do this weekend and then I am going to do a large meandering instead. I feel like yesterday was one of those "just stupid days".
  22. Welcome! When first doing customer's quilts words like scary, yikes, oh no!, wow....come to mind. It has and continues to be a learning experience. I have learned much from all these gals on the Forum. Good Luck!