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  1. Oh I love spotting our quilt patterns 'in the wild' as we say! Your daughter picked beautiful fabrics for our Lug Nuts pattern and I love how you quilted it! I would love to share pictures of this quilt on our Highway 10 Designs Facebook and IG pages, is that okay?
  2. Glad you made time to quilt one for you! Love the quilting!
  3. Thanks Betsy, glad that post helped! I guess I should say I'm a 'Self Taught Photographer!'
  4. Hope to see your new shop in the not so distant future! I have to admit I'm very jealous of your 'super sized' ironing table! Welcome Sabrina, I like your forum name!
  5. I did a blog post a few years ago on how to take quilt pictures ( indoors and outdoors) with just a basic camera, before I got my Canon Rebel T4i. You can check it out here. It's all about the lighting!
  6. The best thing that has worked for me is rubbing a bit of lighter fluid on the areas of fabric to get the glue out. I was surprises at how well it works!
  7. Wendy I'm so sorry this happened to you but glad you stood up for yourself and got some of the money owed to you. Thanks for sharing your story.
  8. Congratulations Kay! Both the applique and quilting make this one a winner! Great team effort!
  9. Both quilts are gorgeous Sharon! So nice to see you posting again and that your keeping busy with grandkids! I'm going to have to look into this ruler you used for your borders, I love the design!
  10. Is it colder in the room than normal? I find this time of year if my room gets below 20'c then it is sluggish to start but once I let it run a bit and warm up it is fine. These machines really don't like the cold and I live in a cold climate so have to keep my room warm.
  11. Picking a name is such a personal thing. You need that 'A HA' moment when you find it. I was travelling with a friend (13 hour car trip) when we came up with the name for my longarm business. We were throwing around words that represent northern images of where we live and when she said 'Tamarack' I instantly said "Shack"because it rhymed and my quilting studio is in a small guest house on our property. Next thing I know we was singing..."Bring your quilts to the Tamarack Shack, Kathy's no hack, she'll give it a whack and you'll get it right back'!!!! That was my 'A HA' moment, silly but true.
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