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  1. Oh I love spotting our quilt patterns 'in the wild' as we say! Your daughter picked beautiful fabrics for our Lug Nuts pattern and I love how you quilted it! I would love to share pictures of this quilt on our Highway 10 Designs Facebook and IG pages, is that okay?
  2. Debbie I have a few tutorials on my blog side bar with different dyeing techniques. I used my snow dyeing technique for this one but instead of snow used ice. I also just let the fabric sit in the bottom of an ice cream pail, no mesh to keep the fabric out of the drip water, and it turned out great!
  3. An infinity scarf has no end. You sew a tube then sew the ends together, then turn right side out to make a circle with the fabric. Im wearing one in the picture.
  4. Terry inspired me to get my dyes out again and I have been producing Ice Dyed pieces like a mad woman! I went to a retreat last week and showed the ladies ( and one of their sons) how to create this fabrics and they had a great time. The shop owner asked me to dye some more and make infinity scarves to sell in her shop for the summer so I have 15 scarves made. Oh this is so addictive! Thanks again Terry for your advice. Here is a pictures from the retreat, my latest batch drying on the line and one of my scarves.
  5. Fantastic quilting Andrea! Enjoyed all the pictures of this quilt on your blog post!
  6. If you need to do straight lines in both directions then turn the quilt. If you have to do diagonal, which I won't do for clients, you can zig zag across the quilt top to get the same effect.
  7. Thank you so much for the phone call Terry! Really appreciate all that you shared!
  8. I load the quilt so the straight lines are horizontal to the roller bars. I then just quilt back and forth, ending in the outer edge and traveling in the edge of the top fabric so the threads are not cut when trimmed. I use my channel locks on my Millie, no rulers.
  9. Terry i keep coming back to look at these fabulous dyed pieces. I looked into Susan's class but I missed the sign up. Can you tell me how they folded the design the students on the left are holding? I just love the idea of making these for a retreat I'm hosting this fall and they would make a fun project!
  10. I took the plastic off my table as I hated the laser light reflecting in my eyes! Not more problem with glare now!
  11. Ann I had my husband make wooden dividers to hold my So Fine cones. I also store my pantographs and rulers in these cabinets.
  12. I love my Alex cabinets under my longarm! I'm eight hours ( one way) from an Ikea so i use to beg friends and family to pick up one before they came to visit. , i now have four. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.
  13. Beautiful quilting Ardele! What a fun quilt to get to work on!!
  14. I was watching the progress of this quilt on IG and waiting to see the final picture! Turned out wonderful, love all the quilty texture with the feathers and curved cross hatching!
  15. Glad you made time to quilt one for you! Love the quilting!
  16. Andrea I feel your pain!! There are not a lot of Canadian shops that sell longarm supplies but here are a few. - Erie Quilt Art -Canadian Longarm Supplies -Sparrow Studioz -Wonderfil
  17. LOL, yes it's a dry cold! Its about -26'F for comparison.
  18. I just finished custom quilting my client Megan's Arcadia Avenue quilt and it feels so good to be done. It was a great design challenge for me as it is a very modern quilt and I'm more of a traditional girl! And best of all the quilt lays flat!! Oh and it was -26'c with a -32'c windchill when I was taking those pictures outside!
  19. I had a bad experience with the blue water soluble. When I sprayed the quilt to remove the blue marks the blue just moved in the water and make large blue rings as it dried. I scrubbed and dabbed to try to prevent the 'puddling' effect from happening but that didn't help.
  20. White chalk just rubs off so I have never had a problem with it but be careful with the coloured chalks, they can stain. I like using a Bohin white chalk pencil or the pink air erasable markers with no problems. Do not use Frixion pens for quilting designs as it is not designed for that purpose. The ink is still in the fabric after you iron it and it does come back in the cold...ask me how I know ( I live in northern Canada!) I like my Frixion pen for making piecing lines that I will be sewing on or cutting on but not for quilting designs.
  21. Here is the inside with the dividers my husband made to hold my So Fine thread cones.
  22. Hey Mary Beth that pinterest picture is of my studio!! I love my Alex cabinets from IKEA . They hold my thread, ruleres and pantos and it fits nicely under my Millie.
  23. Thanks Betsy, glad that post helped! I guess I should say I'm a 'Self Taught Photographer!'
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