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  1. Shana, I did do some searches in Webshots and found it very helpful to see what other quilters have done. Thank you for the suggestion. I was in panic mode after taking the call last night, but after thinking about it - if she was going to drag this quilt through her DSM and SID (until it got too big for her to manage) - I'm sure I can do better than that with Millie. I think I'll be sweating bullets the whole time it's on my frame though! Nora, I appreciate the encouragement! I was concerned about the fabric being fragile, but if they are appliqued on new muslin, the muslin should give them some support. I have an old quilt that was in my husband's family, and some of the fabrics are almost worn away, while others are still quite strong! We slept under this old quilt when we were first married, but now it has been retired as an ornament. Lore
  2. I teach classes at my LQS and I'm finding patterns that specify cutting the border WOF. Even if stretch wasn't an issue, I just don't like to see my wide borders pieced so I've been re-working the fabric requirements to allow for borders cut lengthwise. As far as giving instructions, I think there are some students who can get the instructions 100 times to measure borders, etc, but they don't bother because it's more trouble and whoever quilts the top is the one who has to deal with the wavy borders. They really don't understand the issue if the quilter does a good enough job on the quilt. I guess it's a complement to your quilting skills.... Lore
  3. Hello, I'm looking for advice before meeting with a customer on Saturday. She called me last night and has a quilt she has made with antique dresden plate blocks she appliqued on a quilt top - I think unbleached muslin. She has never had a quilt professionally quilted before...I am a newbie and have never quilted anything with antique fabric/blocks in it. I told her I would take a look at her quilt, talk to her about what she wants, and let her know if I thought I could do it, or if she should take it to another quilter in our area who has much more experience (and a very long waiting list) than I do. My question is - what should I consider when I meet with her? I have only done e2e quilting on customer quilts to date, and really didn't want an antique to be my first custom quilt! If she doesn't want to pay for custom quilting, would an edge to edge design in a very fine white or off-white thread look ok over dresden plates? I use Compuquilter, so working around applique blocks is a huge step up for my skills. This forum has been so much help to me since getting Millie. Thank you for all the "hand-holding" you've already done - Lore
  4. "Then I bought the Feather Light clamps and they felt cheezy, cheap and flimsy...sorry...I'm a tell ya what I think kind of gal But Linda gave me the Grip Lite Clamps and I really like them. They do grip and they are light weight and with a yard stick and the clamp upside down they work perfect for me. " That's why I asked! They looked flimsy - like they might not grip very well. I'll go with the Grip Lite clamps and yardsticks or curtain rods then! Thanks! Lore
  5. I've been looking at these clamps on Kingsmen's website. They also have something called Feather Light clamps that they claim you can quilt right up to. Has anyone tried these? Yardsticks or curtain rods under the straps? Is that how you keep from hitting the clamps? I've been taking them off when I get too close, but THAT isn't always a good idea! Lore
  6. Thank you for all the good ideas! Some I've tried - the batting in the thread guide definitely helps keep that thread from whipping around and I have my needle turned just slightly past 6:30. I will work my way down through the rest of these suggestions. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's ever struggled with this learning curve. The beautiful quilt pictures posted here are so inspiring! I hope some day my quilting looks as good.
  7. Thanks Donna. I'll give that a try. I'm thinking I need to make a dog blanket to practice on. Hoover won't care if I've jumped out of the ditch here and there.
  8. Hi Pat, I hear your frustration and share it! I really want the back of my quilts to look as beautiful as the front, but when I use a heavier thread in the bobbin I can never get the tension adjusted to my satisfaction. Even if MOST of the stitches look good, there are always parts of the pattern (I think when the machine is moving right to left from the front) where the bobbin thread just lays on the bottom and is not being pulled up into the batting. Batik fabric is the worst, but I have this problem even on other fabrics. I really like the look of King Tut and hate to think I'll have to switch entirely to lighter weight threads. When I crank up the top tension I start having trouble with thread breakage. Can someone tell me - does Sewer's Aid help with thread breaking? And what are bobbin genies? I have only had my machine since November, but I probably spend more time adjusting thread tension than I do quilting, and have never (ever) gotten my stitches to look the way I want them to. I must have an exceptionally finicky LA. Or maybe I'm exceptionally finicky?... Lore (still trying to make friends with Millie)
  9. Do you use channel lock when moving vertically and horizontally?
  10. When we were first married we had just enough acreage for a flock of laying hens and three pigs. I named them Ham, Shem and Japheth. After they escaped one day and I had to chase them around 14 acres (all of 8 months pregnant) I did not feel at all sentimental about eating them! My husband was raised on a dairy farm and said he would never dairy, but we have kept just about everything except dairy cows over the years. I do like knowing where my food comes from, and that the animals were treated well before they ended up in my freezer.
  11. Any recommendations for rulers, or what to look for in a ruler? I can see I have some practicing to do! I've had my Millie since November, but haven't been able to take a class yet, so I'm learning by trial and error! Lore
  12. Hi, I'm wondering how other CQ users do SID. I am a new Millie with CQ owner. My previous experience is with a friend's system which allowed me to mark points along a line and then stitch between them - much like the boundary function in CQ, but did not require that you close the boundary. Is there a way to do this with CQ or am I going to have to learn how to SID with rulers? I've never been very good at coloring in the lines... Lore
  13. I'm running version 4.0. I've been expecting a notice about the 4.01 upgrade and haven't heard anything. I'll have to see why I'm not on their customer list. I thought I was.... I picked out the worst of my problem and finished the quilt last night without any more issues. Thanks to you all for the information!
  14. Thank you! I bought my machine used directly from APQS. It was a demo machine, and they installed it for me. I did know that the X axis cable would need to be tightened after a few weeks, but this was the first problem I've had with either cable. This forum has been so much help to me! Since I work full time, I'm not usually working on Millie during regular working hours, and I don't really know who I should be calling for help, so I've found the answers to a lot of my questions online.