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  1. With a heavy heart I want he'd George leave me for a loving home in Baton Rouge. I am wishing Jill, his new "mom" many wonderful hours quilting
  2. I am selling my little used/like new George for $5500. Buyer pays shipping. Shortly after I bought George my daughter died which has meant that I spend alot of time overseas and George has been neglected. That time in Germany will be increasing and I must sell him. He is in like new condition-purchased in 2014--and includes the following: INCLUDED: -Fully adjustable table - bobbins -2 bobbin cases -open toed foot which includes regular foot as well -Simplicity Side Bobbin winder portable (used 2 times) -original box to easily mail to you -Recently received a full spa treatment!
  3. Calamity Jain, I am totally aware that Nancy is an absolute treasure. I leave my lessons with her on a real high. I really can't tell you all how important this creative outlet is to me. Now that I am finally bonding with George I have trouble sleeping at night thinking of all I would like to create on George. Life is good.
  4. I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a new George owner living in Tucson. I am finally getting control of George! The first few weeks that he lived in my sewing space I was totally intimidated by him. After getting the stitches looking better I'm actually beginning to have fun with him. He is really one handsome guy! I enjoy reading all your posts. Actually I was reading your posts before I finally made the decision to buy George. Keep your ideas coming! I feel so much better hearing about all your ideas and problems. Janalyn
  5. I hope you all will get to see The Quilt With The Dragon Tatoo. When I first saw it I was blown away. When I was able to get up close and see the absolutely amazing and stunning quilting I was speechless. It is truly a work of art.