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  1. if you go to my website, withakquilting.blogspot.com, and click on the quilt intake form, you can see what i am using. this might give you some ideas.


    Linda, ffq-lar, has a great intake form that i used to generate mine. 


    beware though, i have not received any business through this site. i am way behind in my posts, and am concentrating on building my etsy shop instead, since longarming isn't doing it for me due to where i live, i think. 

  2. diagonal jelly roll race quilt:


    how about loading it crookedly(?) on the frame? then all you had to do is stitch horizontal lines. 


    it will take a bit to make certain you don't stretch it out of shape...but should be doable. 


    for the TAW quilt: 


    consider doing simple piano keys in the border. the paisley print will not show much, so don't bother with elaborate quilting.