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  1. Thank you. You too Teresa. May you have a great day.
  2. i too ask who is the quilt for, how do they expect it to be used, and what the budget is. these answers lead me in the right direction with the quilting to offer. we agree on a design and thread color before i start. as far as i know, i have not let any customers down.
  3. what a sweet quilt. love the tt's and other designs you used.
  4. the hydraulic lift can be packaged and shipped for not much money. i purchased 2 used and had one shipped for less than $50.
  5. Very nice quilting that compliments the piecing well. Worth the time I should say.
  6. It may have taken forever...but the results are worth it! Beautiful quilt!
  7. too funny bonnie...although the double batting seems to add a bit of weight! more so than the rocks!
  8. i didn't make it to slc shirley. sorry to have missed you. i just couldn't swing the trip today. too much else going on. you guys all have fun...and have a great dinner tomorrow night!
  9. Thanks kathy! Cobbles will definitely have center stage on another quilt. I needed something different on this quilt and this fit the bill.
  10. Hi Kathy. Definitely faster than pebbles! I love the texture of this quilt. This is an interesting discussion. (insert smiley face). I totally agree that the design looks like cobbles, but the size is indicitive of gravel. My nerdy side (oh yes, I have one!) has learned however differently than your geology background. As a materials engineer, geotechnically and in the USCS, coarse gravels are defined as #4 sieve up to 3 inch. Cobbles are 3" and larger. I want to enlarge this design to 'cobbles' as well, but need just the right quilt top for that. (insert smiling face)
  11. Liz...i posted it to give others the idea. Copy away! Thanks all. This was a fun design to quilt.
  12. I have been staring at this quilt top for some time, and finally, a design came to mind that I am really pleased with. Introducing 'Gravel'...an edge-to-edge design that is quilted completely freehand. This larger pebble design ranges in size from 3/4" to 2" per 'rock'. I used a double layer of Winline Bamboo batting for definition. Superior Rainbows 'Casbah' thread on top with Light Tan Magna Glide Classics in the bobbin. More pics on my website. Thanks for looking. http://withakquilting.blogspot.com/2013/05/gravel-on-green.html
  13. thanks bonnie for the compliments. you are so sweet! i don't do facebook either...but instagram is quick and my kids love it so i do it. i am proud of my kids...so all sorts of things 'pop' up with them as the focus.
  14. I love it. I can quickly connect to friends/family with pictures. you can find me here http://instagram.com/withakquilting and I use hashtags #longarmquilting or #quilting for quilting related posts. if you have an IG account, and want to post your username, I will follow you. It's fun and quick!
  15. If I read correctly in another posting, teresa is using her lenni on the ult carriage/table. She modified the carriage. Teresa, if you want to email me pics, I can post them for you. If that helps. Kristina (at) doniker (dot) com
  16. Quilts can be a great way to start a friendship. I started quilting 12 years ago when a lady, whom I didn't know at the time, presented my infant son with a quilt and teddy bear while he was hospitalized. We became friends and I started quilting. I am hooked now. As a Christian, I believe in loving those less fortunate, and helping those in need. My quilting has helped me to do just that. I donate a lot of quilts to hospitalized kids, and also to use for raffles to raise monies for organizations. My quilting style is fairly simple. Borders on traditional/modern. I believe a quilt s
  17. this is very pretty. perfect for a college gal!
  18. i bought the pattern..does that count!!! these are beautiful. perhaps you can host a sew-a-long through this forum...and we can all get one finished!
  19. prayers for you and your family and friend's family as you grieve. However, I can rejoice with you in that they are with our Lord and Savior!