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  1. I think everyone did. I would like to host another mystery later this year. It has been too long since I wrote a pattern.
  2. heidi...here's the link to the quilt that sylvia made. http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/21243-mystery-quilt/?hl=mystery all the quilts turned out great!
  3. I envision you more as Rosie the Riveter while performing the spa treatment!
  4. I am thinking similar to vicki on this one. pick a nice filler for the background and then a simple design for each star. don't forget to do a cute little star in each little star. Charge her for a higher e2e.
  5. Perhaps there is a piece of thread caught and is inhibiting the bobbin thread from being pulled. Blow out the bobbin area and see if there is a shred of something in there.
  6. Thanks ladies. I do hope they raise quite a bit of money. I think the past 3 quilts have brought in $400-800 each. Not too bad. Its a help for the school that has been going strong for 40+ years. Carol sends the new quilt's picture around on facebook to the previous buyers so they can prepare to buy again!
  7. My head is spinning with ideas. Thanks shar for the inspiration. I am limited locally for customers, but could offer specials on my website.
  8. Good to see you shar! The party sounds like a huge success. That was a great idea!
  9. You are most welcome...and thanks for telling me. I designed that quilt 3 years ago actually. Things have been crazy since then!
  10. perhaps there can be ribbons at the apqs booth for us to pick up, with a sticker name tag?? is this possible? not sure who will be working the booth.
  11. I finished quilting and binding this yesterday. The pattern is Brownstone and the pantograph is Double Plume. This quilt was pieced by my friend and finished by me. It will be auctioned at a silent auction on May 13th in Pennsylvania at the school's golf tournament. I used polyester high loft batting for definition, and SoFine #458 Lone Wolf. Love this color. It works so well on many different fabrics. more pics on my website: http://withakquilting.blogspot.com/2013/05/timothy-school-autism-awareness.html
  12. Nancy, thanks for the reminder. i know Toad is due for a little TLC. Hopefully later this month when things calm down with my girls and track...I can take the time to do just this!
  13. Patty..the show is at the South Towne Expo Center...in SLC utah. 9575 S State St. SLC has small areas with various names...as you drive around, you will notice this. you will be fine!
  14. Beautiful quilting so far,dell. Cold here too. Pond has ice on top and bitter north winds! Typical baseball weather here. I am loading a quilt today for an autism school silent auction. Will post pics when done.
  15. i would NOT outline the redwork...and would stay about 1/4" away.
  16. i really want to drive in/out thursday to get my batting...and catch the show. no classes. is anybody going to be there thursday?
  17. nice design elements. love the crosshatching with the feathers!