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  1. yep...i too changed my wheels without removing the machine head.
  2. Gorgeous! the colors, the fabrics, the painting...and the quilting is beautiful! what a special quilt to cherish!
  3. that is quite the smorgasbord of quilts you has the pleasure of working on. how fun! I have been busy with my kids and their sports, not much quilting latey.
  4. try leveling your table front to back and side to side, also, check to make certain that your table is the same width all along the length of the table. any of these things can make the machine ride less desirable. check the tightness of the wheels also and that they are riding properly on the rails.
  5. gorgeous quilting! i like all the cc quilting. simple yet very effective, especially when mixed with the other design elements.
  6. nicely done bonnie! you added some wonderful quilting motifs to this that truly made the quilt! I hope the hand heals soon.
  7. i have 7 strip sets ready to be mailed. 2 of each color except orange. i will mail them priority to you. May the Lord bless your family and especially your sister.
  8. i am just reading this. i will start sewing strip sets today. i have orange, purple, red and pink strips!
  9. grasshopper (dave-jane) makes plastic clips also to hold the quilt top to the table bars. they work great!
  10. you and dave have been in my prayers for some time. i will keep your daughter in prayer as well. sure do miss you guys!
  11. oops...didn't know they made metal clamps! my bad. don't try stapling then!
  12. celebrating 31 years today. Congrats my friend! (hope i don't get in too much trouble for sharing this!)
  13. gorgeous! the dress, bride, husband, children...and the little boy sitting on mom's train! love it! congratulations to your family! the dirt road was an excellent choice for a backdrop. i should add that the well worn boots are a great touch!
  14. my husband and i have 7 children, ages 6-16. we work together in construction soils testing/management. i also started quilting for others this past year. quilting business is slow, but i have the time to finish charity/etsy/personal quilts, so no complaints. i found this summer was rough on me as our regular work season was busy and the kids were home on break, so not much quilting got done. but, the few customers i have, were understanding. my husband helps share the daily chores of cleaning and cooking and running to/from football, soccer, music practices. i make time for quilting. i love it and like quilting for others when i can. i can say this...if i didn't spend so much time on the computer, i would get so much more done! gotta go, i just loaded a quilt and it is screaming my name!
  15. perhaps find a dealer close by to help with the transaction, or maybe a trip is in order to ease your mind and your husbands to make the transfer yourself? if the seller is part of this forum, we may know them personally, and someone here can help you out as well.