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  1. I have the L side bobbin and would choose it again if given the chance. love my tension with the smaller bobbin.
  2. cute quilt. minkee stretches badly, so you load with the selvages pinned to the leaders, and leave it very loose, otherwise it will curl after quilting. i prefer the minkee dot compared to the swirly minkee for backings.
  3. woohoo! that is one beautiful quilt that you helped her to finish!
  4. i believe that any panto can be made into a board. at least anything that patricia ritter of urbanelementz has can. i have had a few made.
  5. it's beautiful debbie, and the quilting is exquisite! what a treasure this will be. i am sure she understands the love you have for her and knows it is her quilt!
  6. i know my lqs carries the red like this...i will check today and see if they have the green.
  7. beautiful quilting linda. love the light sashing with the cc design.
  8. congratulations. I wondered if you were entering anything this weekend. love that purple rosette! my girls are playing soccer in sc this weekend for a tourney. I wish now I had gone to watch. I could have seen your quilts up close and personal!
  9. wow. sounds like the parents need prayer as well. this makes me thankful to live in a small town. we will pray for this school year.
  10. love my QZ! can't say enough good about it. i love its ease of use from the front. centering circles is a breeze. I may be wrong, but i believe the quiltazoid no longer includes the spirograph gears. this was the big seller for me in the beginning. i wanted the option of adding spiro designs to my quilts. if you do buy one now at the closeout price, try to get the long board adapter also. i use it to quilt my RnS boards from the front as well, and i only need one board, not a set to leapfrog.
  11. my husband and i are both thinking of getting i-pads. i will be checking this post often!
  12. my 12 year old son is a lefty, and he quilts just fine on both my machines. he just guides the machine with his left hand. needless to say he doesn't do intricate work, but doesn't have any trouble with freehanding. the switches are a little backwards for him, but he has compensated ok. generally, i am there with him when he quilts, and i stand on his right. i haven't tried him on pantos, but would think that it would be just like reading, left to right.
  13. I am glad she can wait on you. that is best. didn't want you to stress over it collecting dust. you will be back at it soon claire!
  14. if you need help quilting the baby quilt...and aren't particular about it...I can help. just send it my way. my machine is free and now that school started, I have time. won't cost you anything but postage. I can even supply batting to save cost of shipping one way.