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  1. claire. I will keep you in my prayers. I am certainly in no rush. in fact, I could even take a block with wrong side out fabric and too small. no problems here. do what you need to do to get better and back on track. that is much more important than this swap! hugs from nevada.
  2. i have the millennium and liberty, both of which have the smaller L bobbins. I like them. maybe just a personal choice, but i would choose the L bobbin again if I ever upgraded to another machine. my tension is great!
  3. please don't add any added stress to your life by pressing the blocks. we can each do or own after receiving them back. also, if you are short blocks, I am ok with less than the 22 blocks. just make sure that you and nevaeh each get a full set! I can always improvise. thanks ever so much for putting this altogether.
  4. did Nevaeh piece her top together yet? pics please when finished.
  5. I am so glad. thanks for being ever so patient!
  6. although I love to see the quilts in shows...my passion is quilting/sewing for kids in the hospital. I believe every child should have some comfort that a quilt provides while going through tough diagnosis. therefore, I never see myself entering competition for anything other than the county fair...but I am alright with that. yes, I am happy and no, I dont feel the least bit intimidated. I am where I am supposed to be in my quilting at this point in time.
  7. classics. I find the lilac purple blends with most things.
  8. I have heard horror stories involving rotary cutters. in fact, my kids are not allowed to use them since a friends granddaughter lost part of her finger. thankfully your client will be ok. I have to laugh at your title to this post. naturally, I had to look!
  9. not a clue. i want my quilting to go to the edge of the quilt and be underneath the binding to help secure the stitches. just my thought.
  10. my blocks are going to be mailed this week. but...i can understand if you want to get the ones you have mailed. if needbe...i can mail each individual block to its owner...or if you could wait a bit longer...i would much appreciate it. let me know.
  11. I am still working on my blocks too! geesh...mine are easy blocks...but with kids home still on summer break, work and chores...I am exhausted come bedtime. I am going to try to set time aside...but it has been difficult. I am so sorry. will do my absolute best to finish this weekend!
  12. my sailboat blocks are so darn close to being done...i am planning to stay up late tonight! geesh...nothing like the last minute. we went camping/hiking as a family these past 3 days.. it was the only time my husband could see as our opportunity to go do this.
  13. the kids are good. we have been working on our house and property. not much free time here. taylor has been running and biking to prepare for soccer. she is taking classes too to catch up/get ahead in school. a full load of classes is more than she can handle during the regular year. she is now a junior in high school. has had headaches lately, but recovers quickly. no other symptoms. other than that...hating the heat we have gotten. ready for fall already. have done very little sewing. miss quilting terribly!
  14. I too would be interested in pantos. I have missed you. where have you been?
  15. I like the modern simplicity of this quilt. great panto choice.
  16. I am finally cutting my fabrics! what a hectic summer this has been. using stripes, dots, flowers, kids fabrics. no worries...they wil get done and mailed by month end. and yes...I wanted 2 separate flipflops, if possible.
  17. my kids are certainly getting big...but doing great in school, sports and life. no complaints here! thanks for asking!
  18. it sure is good to see you and know that you are well. i have thought of you often.