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  1. i have my pattern/fabrics ready to cut...but am hurrying to get a quilt finished for a silent auction on saturday. then..i can start sewing my blocks.
  2. before you know it...you will be teaching/speaking in front of others again. I am certain you did great!
  3. and a very hoppy birthday to you beth! enjoy your day!
  4. this is a fantastic quilt. love everything about it. your quilting really set it off.
  5. you did good meg! mine is yet to be quilted. I found the backing fabric though. I suppose I have a few days left to quilt mine. we are going to the big town of winnemucca though for all stars...so not sure I can get it done. I will try to load mine and see what happens. btw...I loved the wedding pictures! I love reading your blog.
  6. teresa...make a page on your website that you can add photos too...then just copy/paste them to this site.
  7. too far for me. but...have fun and hope you do well.
  8. break the large 9 inch square into 4 smaller squares. just envision them having seam lines! in this post near the bottom picture, the butterfly block, you might be able to see what i am talking about. http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/31739-terry-twists-as-an-overall/
  9. i agree with dell on the TT's. they go rather quickly and add lots of texture. that would look great on the blue quilt.
  10. I have 120 inch wide 100% bamboo batt, that I could sell by the yard. its by winline textiles. very thin, not quite 1/8th inch, but has a nice drape.
  11. he is beautiful lisa! I cut/prepped/sewed wallets today trying to get as many done as possible for relay for life.
  12. janice...i love those umbrellas! i love all the blocks i have seen so far!
  13. i sell quilts on etsy. i generally do okay. note, i do not sell my custom quilting or high priced fabric quilts this way though. i generally sell reclaimed fabric quilts, scrap quilts that sort of thing. i price them at a price i feel is fair for me, and wait. right now, i have an offer than 15% of the sale goes to Relay for Life. I just sold a lap quilt for $165. Not bad for reclaimed shirts! I should add that the seller fees plus paypal fees totalled nearly $12, but still...worth it to me.