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  1. I vote for July 15th at the soonest too. I have relay for life on the 13th of july and that is taking quite a bit of my time for fundraising.
  2. this one is gorgeous. love the colors, but especially the quilting! job well done.
  3. I do not recall either. give dave a call and tell him you want the grey ones for the apqs machines. he will know which ones.
  4. linda....i have grey ones too that i got from dave. the white ones are great for the rollers when you float the top. the grey ones are bigger so they hold a quilt sandwich nicely as you say.
  5. I will Bonnie. I actually purchased a second pattern as well, but it was out of stock, so within the next 2 weeks I should them both. I can't wait to try them out. I love that orange one you posted!
  6. here is the website to dave brown's longarm clips. http://countryquiltsncrafts.danemcoweb.com/shop/product/l-a-clips/ i have them and they work great!
  7. i found the smaller pattern online...and just purchased it. http://pursepatterns.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1869
  8. http://www.keepsakequilting.com/productdetail/8100/--PATTY'S-YO-YO-PUSH-PINS-.htm are these the ones?
  9. Gorgeous. Your quilting never ceases to WOW me!
  10. You are excused from quilting...but only because of your two precious grandchildren. the one of them both is priceless. congratulations!
  11. beautiful quilts. I like the blooming nine patch. sounds like you had a much needed quilty weekend.
  12. bonnie...your tote turned out wonderful. I am busy making wallets in pink and purple trying to get ready for the local relay for life in july. our team decided to sell items through the nightlong event, and these are my contribution. I am going to make a tote eventually. I am so inspired by everyone who posts theirs.
  13. $18 each for the ones listed, includes shipping. I am planning on making plenty more in purple for relay for life, and some fun ones in pink for breast cancer. The purple and pink ones for cancer will run $20 each, as I am donating some of the proceeds to relay for life. let me know what you are interested in. thanks.
  14. sounds good teresa. i was just thinking that white might be too stark for this quilt. i am very excited to participate in this swap.
  15. He such a lovely man. I visited with Marilyn and Hartley in their home 3 years ago. Prayers go out for Marilyn and her family. He will certainly be missed.
  16. I had a bad experience at joanns as well let time I was out of town. i wanted to buy a roll of warm and white batting. The manager said they only had one roll to sell by the yard. The roll was a full 40 yards! I had a 50% off coupon for the roll which was regular price. He told me I would have to buy it by the yard, which sells for more, and was on sale for 30%, and could use a 15% off sale coupon to make up the difference. The math did not add up, and I started to walk out. He became very upset that 'i made him carry the roll to the cutting table'. Poor baby, I would have purchased the whole
  17. Your daughter has obvious design talent. If she is encouraged to quilt, then support her in any way, as I know you will. Looks like you may need to go but more fabric for your stash!
  18. I am on a Relay for Life team. What I decided to do personally to help, is to donate my thread charge that the customer pays, directly to my personal donation page. Even though I am fairly new in my quilting adventure for customers, I have raised $30 so far just in thread charges! Just food for thought, but most of us have been affected by Cancer either directly or through friends/family. This is one thing that I can do to help. If you want to donate, and have nowhere to do that, feel free to make a donation through me at this link, http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?px=33323897&p
  19. I cut out for 8 and sewed them assemly line style, and finished within 2 days. Not bad with the schedule I have. I suppose you could finish one in a couple of hours from cut to finish? I thought about selling them on etsy, but the market seems flooded. I might put them in the lqs. or use them as gifts for my quilting customers.