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  1. Thanks all. I pray for my children daily so that they grow up to be the adults that are useable by our Lord. So far, they have not disappointed.
  2. I have emailed Shana a few times, but never heard back. She hasn't been on for quite some time. I believe Linda R has kept up with her. Bonnie Botts pops in occasionally, I believe. And Grammie Tammie, the same.
  3. i feel the same way. i'm not scared! every now and then my husband catches a good shot of me. it's rare though in my eyes.
  4. Taylor was the one who pushed to make a quilt. We asked for help with fabrics, and here is the result. I am so happy that I started my kids quilting at a young age. Taylor saw the need in making this for Tina. In fact, this is the first quilt that she has made in nearly a year, and she did a great job. Yes, Chris, the courage, that those who are challenged, exhibit, is phenomenal!
  5. we too are hoping and praying for the best for her. she is not handling the chemo very well, makes her really sick and she is losing alot of weight. she didn't have much to lose either. i am hoping to find a long wig in a bold color as hers to wear for the Relay for Life walk in June. Probably something in royal blue to go both for Cancer and Type 1 Diabetes. Have to support my son too you know! Tina is an inspiration to me. Her Mom and Sister are both Breast Cancer survivors. She is one tough cookie! There is fabric enough for at least 4 more quilts! I know what we will be mak
  6. thanks all. tina is a sweetheart and that pink hair is awesome! she is a beautiful woman...inside and out! to answer janette, no, taylor did not quilt the quilt. she asked me to do it. she pieced it and added the label. on the watermark, i use Photoscape...and under "object" can add a photo. i can then fade the picture and put it in any spot i choose. it works pretty slick and marks the photos as mine.
  7. The weather is horribly hot in Vegas where the meet is held. I hope we can get some cloud cover to help cut the heat. It isn't bad up north, but yucky down south! Taylor was 42 seconds off her running time and Madeline was almost 9 inches off her best pole vault, and 1 foot off her best triple jump. The heat was certainly a factor. But...both girls are excited and motivated and want to do well. They earned their spot...not to work hard this week and take state!
  8. meg...stick with the tats on Lola!
  9. You heard me right! Both girls are headed to STATE for Varsity Track. Madeline placed 4th in Divisions for our region in Pole Vault and Triple Jump. Taylor placed 4th in Divisions for our region for the 3200m run. Yes, 2 miles!! Together, they placed 3rd in the 3200m relay (4x800m). I am one happy mama! Going to STATE this Friday and Saturday.
  10. Thank you to all who answered our plea for fabric!! There will be many more quilts being made and donated to others battling cancer from your generosity. Tina is very special to my daughter, Taylor. She is a teacher and a mother to Taylor's friends and track teammates. She is also an encouragement to Taylor. Her attitude is contagious. We could all benefit from my sweet friend! and more on my blog, http://withakquilting.blogspot.com/2013/05/a-quilted-hug-for-tina.html
  11. cool !! like the purple! Frogger and Toad are tattoed also!
  12. Very pretty. Like the swirls mixed in with the feathers. And the piano key/feather border.
  13. i too like the idea of the chocolate brown thread on black. i may try this!
  14. i had hoped to attend...but last minute things didn't work out for me. sounds you had enough fun for the both of us though!!
  15. beautiful teresa! nice freehand. fastquilts...that design looks great.
  16. frog is short for rip it out. or unsew. we think 'rip it rip it'. as a frog would say, 'ribbit'. so, unsew the seam with a seam ripper! NOT throw the whole thing out.
  17. here's my top. as i said, not yet quilted. but soon! http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/21002-2009-fall-swap-blocksnow-a-top/?hl=%2Bfall+%2Bswap
  18. I am guessing you are referring to the fall swap quilt from a few years back. I set mine with the BQ pattern and have not quilted it yet. I did set a deadline with meg to have mine finished by june 1st. I hope I make. I plan to quilt random autumn leaves and go wild with some hyper quilting perhaps. Can't wait to see your top!
  19. Thanks for posting. There is much talent among apqs owners! As if we didn't already know that! Lovely quilts.