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  1. Hi Ladies- Do any of you creative ladies have any ideas for this? the quilt is 60x65 and she wants light/med custom and is aware of the border issue. thank you for any ideas!!!!
  2. Thanks girls. I do stay to one side of the groove. What do you do where the how ever many lines connect, there is so much play in those areas that for me its about impossible to have anything smooth. My stylus fits pretty snug in the grooves but I will try some tape. I seem to have a lot of wobble in my stylus. My husband is gonna see if he can engineer something to make it more stable to see if that helps any. (I have an innova) thanks =)
  3. hey everyone- Does anyone have any tips or suggestions and getting nice fluid smooth lines on this board,(any board actually) especially at the intersections? My lines are always wobbly and it drives me crazy. I am getting to the point of selling all my boards!!! thanks for any suggestions!!
  4. I absolutely love King tut. I also use Omni, Rheingold, and sigma. I had too many problems with metro. for bobbin I use superbobs or magniglide prewounds and sometimes sew fine.
  5. *****ALL SOLD***** I have the following templates for sale if anyone is interested! Greek Key/maze mico filler $100 Surf/ herringbone micro filler. $100 Both are brand new, never used! and the spider web/spider template (mini feathers) $45 Shipping not included. Will ship whichever method you prefer! amy
  6. Thank you so much everyone! My first initial thought was overall feathers since it is Amish. -now I know I am in the minority with not liking this quilt, but when I look at it (the actual quilt in my hands) it just looks like an old old quilt pieced together with scrap fabric back in the day. I don't mean to offend anyone with my comments, so please don't take it that way!!! thank you girls! I will post when I am finished!!!
  7. Beautiful! I love how you did the feathers in the rick rack border!
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