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  1. There has not been a firmware update for your machine. Have you tried turn off the Surface, Machine and Carriage and turning it all back on? The firmware button was moved it is not accessed from underneath the carriage. You would need to move your pantoshelf out of the way and look up into the carriage from the floor to see the button.
  2. Susan, Is that post from before we talked? Just make sure you really are still working.
  3. Susan, The setting the you are currently using, nest ends, it telling Quilt Path to join the repeats together AND place a partial to file the ends. The partial is the eight design. The extra inches are outside of the quiltable area and have to do with how that partial motif on the edges is created and displayed.
  4. You can duplicate what is quilted, it will just take a little bit of work but Quilt Motion can help you with that. Go into Pantograph. At the top look for the Ruler button. Use the ruler to measure the row that you just quilted. You should be able to get both the height and the width of what was quilted. Then use that to set up your pantograph. Since you are using QP to measure what you need, it should be exactly the same. That way you can then set your alignment mark and have, then repair pattern, release the carriage, move the machine over the place you need to restart at and tap closest stitch.
  5. TaraT, A Spa Treatment is what APQS calls it when we go over the machine and replace any parts that need to be replaced. It also gets deep cleaned and oiled. There is a list of items that we are to go over to make sure that we are not missing anything.
  6. Carmen, There is already a longarm guild in NC. The Carolina Longarm Association. At one point it had 125 members, I think it is closer to 35 right now. I also have an APQS owners group at my showroom in Raleigh. We would love to have you join us if you are wiling to drive a couple hours. The next meeting is on February 9th. Welcome to the APQS family!
  7. Zeke, Welcome to NC! We have a large number of longarmers here. We also have 2 APQS showrooms, 4 APQS Certified Service Technician, a strong group of APQS dealers and a wonderful group of APQS owners in the state. It is a great state to live in, if you are a longarmer. I have a quarterly APQS owners meeting at my showroom, in Raleigh. The next meeting is February 9th. It's called APQS Play Day. We do something maintenance related have show and tell and talk about something longarm related, like working with grids, or freehand fills, in the afternoon. We bring a dish to share for lunch. All APQS owners are welcome, I just ask that you sign up so that I can have enough seats available.
  8. Hi Jeanne, I know we emailed about this too, but I thought I would post it here too in case anyone else has the same questions. Bliss is a upgraded carriage and rail system. It replaces the wheels that would normally ride between the carriage and the rails with a metal dowel rod that runs the length of the frame and a narrow carriage that has metal ball bearing instead of wheels. Because you are running metal on metal, it reduces frixion and make it easier to move the machine. There are still wheels on the head that ride on the carriage. Quilt Guild is a supplement to your stitch regulator. It helps when you are doing small fill work by smoothing out the motor and making it easier to do the fill work. It means that you can do the fill work using the Stitch Regulator instead of using Manual Mode.
  9. I got to play with it this weekend. The Millie30 has all the features of the Millie and more inches in throat space. On a Millie you have about 17.5 inches of quilting space when you measure it with Quilt Path. The Millie30 comes in around 23. They will start shipping in January 2017 and mine is already on order. I freehanded with it and it really does not feel different from my 2014 Millie. I am selling my 2008 Millie to make room for it. Which for me is huge.
  10. 2008 Millie with Bliss for sale in Raleigh, NC I am a dealer and am selling my 2008 Millie to upgrade to a new Millie30. 2008 Millie with Bliss Quilt Glide Power Fabric Advance 12 foot Bliss table - upgraded to Bliss last year Turbo winder Hartley Base New split shaft hopping foot - you can use interchangeable feet with it. Recent spa treatment $11,500 Reducing price to $11,000 This is my personal machine and can be test driven by appointment. Call the APQS Raleigh showroom to set up a test drive! 919-576-9897
  11. Quilt Path using the Stitch Regulator on your longarm. Quilt Path has no stitch regulation in it. It will not change the stitch calculation in Quilt Path, but it will change the lenght of the physical stitches on the top. If you are looking at the # of stitches in QP, it is calculated on 8 stitches to the inch. There is not a way to change that number.
  12. Regina, Not really a secret brother/sisterhood, but there is the Facebook group for Quilt Path. We do keep it private so that we can control access to the group. It is for Quilt Path owners and APQS dealers. That group is what drove my Tech Sunday posts. A lot of getting comfortable with PatternCAD is just playing with the software. The helps system does a great job in explaining the different button in the software and what they do. I don't know what the plans are for future APQS channel videos. So far the ones that I am working on for my channel they are about how to place things, that are not easy to place, like a hexie, or half hexie. I am working on editing videos this week, but it may take me a while to get them done. There is a small group of people that are doing very advanced work with Quilt Path. The ones that I know of are all on the Facebook group and post pictures of their work and are actively posting answers to questions there too. I have not driven home for a couple years, but when I do, I go right past LaGrange.
  13. Hi Regina, Facebook has it's good and bad points. The good part, from a support standpoint, is that a lot of our dealers are active on Facebook and have it on their cellphones. I know that I respond faster to FB because my cellphone notifies me when there is a post. The QP Facebook is extremely active. There are people posting what they are doing with the program, pictures of quilts, questions on how to do things and inspiration. It is what drove the Tech Sunday post on my blog for over a year. The reason that they were not posted in a logical manner was because I was answering questions as they occurred on the group. The group has driven the blog and the classes that I teach on Quilt Path. It's a great group. If you have not found it yet, you might want to check out my website, There is a Quilt Path Tab. At the top is a a link to the compilation of Tech Sunday posts. It has all the post from the blog with a table of contents and has them in a logical order. APQS has a YouTube Channel, I am late to that forum, but have been shooting videos recently. Right now, I have one video on my channel, but more should be posting in the next couple weeks. I know Facebook can be an issue. If you decide to give it another go, I would suggest locking down your privacy settings and then not tell people you are back on. I primarily use Facebook for my business. I was very anti-Facebook for many years, because I just don't think people need to know that much about me. But from a business standpoint it has been a huge advantage for me to be on it.
  14. Hi Leida! Are you looking to do a software update, or a firmware update? Software - When you go into Quilt Path look at the top of the screen. If it says you are on 3.05.06 you are on the current update. If you are on a previous update, you will want to call Grace product support to get your update. Firmware - If Quilt Path is telling you to update your firmware, it will give you a message with directions when the program opens. The issue is that you can not see your black box, it is inside your carriage. If you look at the side of your carriage that has the belt on there is a hole drilled at about the half way point. Use the eraser end of a pencil and push the button in. I kind of pulse the pencil to make sure that it registers that I pushed the button. In Basic and Advanced mode, you control the width of the pantograph by the number of repeats you enter. If you tell us more about the issue you are running into we might be able to come up with a workaround for you. As Linda stated, there is a very active, private Facebook group for Quilt Path. If you are Facebook friends with any APQS dealer they should be able to invite you to the the group. Or you can private message me with your email address and I will send you an invite.
  15. Quilting Regina, It goes above the three hole guide in the center of the machines. You will also want to change your thread path so that it wraps around that guide through all holes, up and around the thread break sensor then does a running stitch on the one right before the tensioner. I am not at my showroom this week or I would post pictures. We expect new owners to call APQS and to talk to their reps. Don't worry about being a nuisance. Everyone wants you to have success and love your Lucey and QP. If you have questions, please ask! In case you have not found it yet, here is link to the pdf that contains the Tech Sunday blog posts. Or you can find them on my website, There is a tab for Quilt Path that list all the posts, and has a link to the pdf.
  16. It is so that you can quilt a second quilt the same way on the same backing. Normally we just close out of it. But if you were doing something like a bunch of identical table runners that were loaded one after another on the same backer, you could use the screen to help align the second quilt. The really nice thing is that the optimization is saved from the first one you quilted.
  17. Quilt Path runs on Windows 10, we are just suggesting that people that got Windows 8 on their tablets not upgrade.
  18. Do you have the USB hub that they sent with the system installed? If so, unplug it and plug the USB cable directly into your surface. Are you getting any error messages? Liz, how long are you giving it to respond?
  19. Thought it might be good to add, that what I told Blondequilter only works if you have a C stamped on your gearbox, which are the machines that were release when we started selling M bobbins.
  20. You just retime the machine using the L hook. So if you decide to change you are ready to go. That Jim is a nice guy.