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  1. My 2008 Millie did the same thing. They also replaced a circut board. I also had to adjust my #8 screw.
  2. Enjoy trying them all out. I have a Millie and I love this machine. She is a dream. There are a lot of great machines out there but APQS is the only one with a Lifetime warranty. Also. you can't beat the service. Even on the weekend, I've had fellow quilters help me out with troubleshooting when the factory was closed. I got my machine new in 2008 and it came with the power advance and Quilt Glide. I use them all the time. I also use my thread cutter. Of course people on this forum will recommend APQS, but I have talked with other quilters who have had other machines and ended up with an APQS
  3. Did you trade in your old head? How much are new heads?
  4. I don't have a computer either so I can't help. Did you buy the digital pattern for the Angel Baby Quilt? Won't your computer just stitch what it can and then you roll up to the next bit? I have no idea obviously. What kind of machine do you have?
  5. Love them both. What a blessing for your sister's grandchildren.
  6. Connie, I have considered Quilt Path, but it is also about 3K more expensive.
  7. Thanks Sue. This was very informative.
  8. I am considering purchasing a Quilt EZ computer system, mainly because it is significantly less expensive than an IQ. Anyone have info on this computer system?
  9. Saw a Quilt EZ and am considering getting one as they are significantly cheaper than IQ. I know you get what you pay for but, I can't justify the price difference. Does anyone know what the difference between these two computers are? What are the pros and cons of each?
  10. Thanks for posting instructions for posting pics. I have never figured that out. I may actually post something I made. . Mary Beth, glad to see you back in the quilting world.
  11. You can't beat a featherweight for beautiful stitches! There is a reason people continue to buy them. I have 4. Gave one to each of my girls and my husband and I each have one.
  12. I love their products, especially their mats and new templates.
  13. I've made a couple of t-shirt quilts for people. I also charge $25.00 per shirt and that includes everything.
  14. I'd like a copy of those plans please!
  15. Tracey, these are fabulous. Thank you so much for posting them. I love the dragon feathers. Can't wait to use them.
  16. Congrats Barb, that is wonderful news. I am seriously considering moving to the Seattle area because my daughter just had my first granddaughter. That is a long way from Kansas! Anyway, I will definetly be traveling to Seattle frequently so I look forward to meeting you in person.
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