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  1. This looks great!!! I would love to see this at MQS. I don't have a computerized system but am thinking about it in the future.
  2. Love this pic. I have his twin. He is all black and likes to nap all day long. He is also HUGE. The vet wants him to lose weight but we don't know how to restrict him any more. We even got another cat hoping it would get him moving. Nope. He just lays there. His name is Clark and he is very mild mannered and able to leap tall ledges with a single bound:D:D:D The other one is named Louis. He runs circles around Clark and Clark just watches him like he is crazy to exert that much energy. Oh well...
  3. Congrats Claudia and Ferret. I've also seen Fire and Ice in the flesh and it is simply gorgeous. So what they didn't like the crystals!! Ferrret I haven't seen yours in person but what I see on the forum is also gorgeous. Hope to see it in person one day.
  4. Happy Happy Bithday to you Dory:):) How's the yurt coming???? We all want to see pics!!! Hope your day was great!
  5. Suzie you will have a ball!!! These girls are fun and informative. We'll fiqure out the convoy closer to the 20th. I was lucky enough to go to last gadget day and it really got me going. I hadn't had my machine for long and I was really inspired by all the gadgets and info. I'm still learning but have much more confidence. After my visit I am not as afraid of my machine as I was. Glad you'll be joining us!
  6. Sounds great to me. I can fit 4 in my sedan if ya'll would like me to drive.
  7. Hi Irene. Welcome to the best forum on the net. I love Paducah. I've gone the last 6 years. Don't know if I can afford it this year but I'll be there next year for sure. I'm taking classes at MQS in May and my daughter graduates from college in May so end of April would be pushing it. Anyway I just wanted to welcome you also.
  8. Oh, and I would love to see Karen MvT again.
  9. Yea!!! I can come. I would be happy to carpool MB and Sally. I live in Lenexa and it's not a bad drive to Jewels.
  10. That is a wonderful way to start the new year! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I would LOVE another gadget day. I'm up for both Mary Beth and Karen McT. Just let me know the date. I'll work around it.
  12. Sounds like a great dream to me. All you have to do is look in my basement to tell I have an addiction. :D:D Problem is...I don't want any help!!!
  13. Thanks Ardelle. I'm going to get one asap! Thanks everyone else for the extra info.
  14. This really does sound like a great idea. After the quilt is removed from the frame does it remain squared? I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Love your site. How fun to have your own .com. Congratulations. Love your quilts to.
  16. Hope your surgery goes well and that you can get back to quilting sooner than the Dr thinks!
  17. Can't wait to see pics of the Yurt!! Seems a long time coming. Hope all goes well and you get moved in without any trouble. Have a great visit with the family.
  18. Have a wonderful Christmas Claudia and also to everyone here on the forum:):)
  19. Thanks for sharing. Love it. Merry Christmas to all!
  20. Hey Julie, Merry Christmas. I had such a ball at your home on gadget day!!! I think of you all often. Hope you don't get snowed in. I hope it all comes to my house:D:D:D I LOVE the snow!!! I have both of my girls home and am just loving it. Hope your Christmas is magical as well.
  21. Heidi you lucky girl!!! How magical to see the wonders of Christmas through the eyes of a child!!! Have a safe and glorious Christmas.
  22. Merry Christmas Angie. It sounds as if you are going to have an amazing time being surrounded by family. It will be wonderful. Have fun and enjoy it all.
  23. Prayers headed your way MB. Hope all goes well today.
  24. I've had my Millie almost a year now. I played with all the machines at every show for about 4 years. I feel like I got a great deal as my Millie came with the fabric advance and the Hartley Fence. There was also a discount on the machine. But the real reason I decided on the APQS Milli had a lot to do with this forum. Everyone is sooo helpful. I think there are a lot of good machines out there. You should take a few for a test drive. It is a huge investment but they all are. You have to pick one that works for you. I don't quilt for others. This machine was my indulgence. I fiqure some peo
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