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  1. OMG Heidi. It turned out simply exquisite. I agree with everyone here. It is gorgeous. I hope one day to be able to quilt half that well. Wow, what a lucky girl to have such a talented mom. You just have to put it into some shows. Looks like a winner to me. Congratulations:):)
  2. I also got to see this quilt in person at MQS. It truly is a gorgeous quilt. Congratulations. I also agree with Linda. Shana, you are always so kiind and complimentary and supportive of everyone. I'm glad you received your ribbons. That quilt is awesome and it replicates your awesome spirit. Again, congratulations. It was well earned!
  3. I just got my rulermate and LOVE it. I didn't have to do any kind of adjustment. I have the Hartley Fence also but it would wobble a bit. It is nice and wide but the rulermate is solid.
  4. WOW. I haven't had a chance to log on for a few days and OMG I could not believe what I was reading. Liam I'm glad you didn't listen to whoever wrote you that e-mail. I hope whoever wrote it realizes how incredibly insensitive they are. I would love to read the actual e-mail. I think this person needs to be exposed. It is unbelievable to me how cowardly some people are. Shame on them!!! This forum has been very inspiring and uplifting to me not to mention informative. This person does not speak for me and apparently not for all the others that have responded here. Anyway. again, SHAME on them!
  5. Add me to the want to buy list. I love your work. I was thrilled to meet you at MQS and know I also learn more from seeing. Let us all know when it is avaliable. Congrats
  6. Two more WooHoo's to you. Congratulations.
  7. I also have a Euro Steam and love, love, love it. They are pricey, a little over $200 but it really steams well. Like Heidi says, it wont scorch your fabric. The steam does all the pressing. It doesn't get hot enough for fusing however. I did have a "spitting" problem but they replaced the iron and haven't had any other problems. Also, it doesn't have an automatic off feature. So you can just leave it on. I also use distilled water in it. It says you can use tap water but I think that may have caused the spitting problem.
  8. I bought one of those wackers also at AQS. They work really well. Tames those lumpy seams in a flash. Just make sure you put something sturdy like a piece of wood under the seam so you don't harm your table.
  9. Love the cut Debbie. It takes a while to get used to a new look but I think you are really going to like it. Sheri, I LOVE your style.:cool:
  10. Oh Yea..Thanks so much Debbie for the demo today. OMG am I going to start saving. I'm going to have to stay out of the quilt shops and just use my "stash". That'll shock my DH. Oh no... I really felt like I was helping stimulate the economy.:D:D. Oh well...
  11. I agree with JoAnn. What a great idea. I think this is the best forum on the net. We do discuss all kinds of "gadgets" and it does help to hear everyone's opinion and experience with the different tools out there. Afterall, aren't we all just trying to take our quilting to the next level? This forum is one of the reasons I chose my Millie. It has been a wealth of information on all kinds of tools and by many different machine owners. Thanks APQS for such a wonderul tool with this forum, open to all to help each other.
  12. Hugs and more hugs from KC to you Nancy Jo. I"m so sorry you are having to go through this. Glad your taking your power back. You go girl!!!
  13. OMG Shei, you could do standup!!! I didn't notice the date either on Renae's pics. How funny. I sure had a great time. It's really not a bad drive from KC. Would do it again in a heartbeat. (After a good nap;)
  14. Thanks Julie for a wonderful day!!! Ya'll wore me completely out:D:D:D. I got home and went straight to bed. Just got up and wanted to thank you again for your hospitality. I agree with the others. Ded won on the "best toy" catagory!. I told my husband that she really "demostrated it well" That chicken salad was delicious. Wonderful to meet everyone and look forward to seeing everyone again. Mary Beth, you missed out on a blast. Sorry you couldn't make it. We all missed you. Still tired. Going to bed. Thanks Jules. Oops, I forgot to learn how to post my picture. Oh well...Thanks again.
  15. OMG Mary Beth! Aren't those the best???? I think there must be something illegal in them. They are just too good to be true. My personal fav is Brett's Butter Pecan..Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. Ummm:D:D:D
  16. Mary Beth, I could drive and you could compute on the way if you have one of those thinges that gets you online. Interested???
  17. Roberta, thanks for posting this. I bought them at MQS and totally forgot how to use them:D:D:D. I watched the video and am ready to give them a whirl, so to speak. I couldn't remember what they were supposed to do:D. Thanks again.
  18. Hi Chris. I don't know if you can get castors for your table but I use those plastic furniture movers under mine. I just raise the table with the hydralic lift and slip them under the feet when they are raised. Then just lower the feet back on to the plastic and you can move your machine pretty easily. I have't tried moving very far but I keep my machine fairly close to the wall. I only move it out when I'm working from the back. Hope this helps.
  19. Congratulations are the arrival of your new "Baby" Save your pennies and come to KC next year for MQS. There are lots of wonderful classes and (more importantly) many vendors. :D:D. Oh, and do bring an empty suitcase!!! Have fun on Thursday. She really isn't hard to put together.
  20. What gorgeous eyes she has. Very precocious. I'll bet she keeps her mom running!
  21. It hasn't been long since I felt that anticiipation for my new Millie. Congratulations!!! It is a wonderful machine.
  22. Thanks Linda. The site is up and running. I'm so glad that my and Mary Beth's husband are not in "cahoots" with one another!!! :D:D I know mine would love to "forbid" me from my quilting stuff, but he wouldn't dare. Besides, I would have to forbid him from his gun collection. We have an agreement. I don't tell him how much I paid for my toys and he doesn't tell me how much he spends on his:D After 34 years it's a good system!
  23. Beautiful quilting Shana. Too bad that crazy woman who gave you so much grief can't see it. :D:D Looks like I need to get those rulers! Oh well, it's only money, right!!
  24. I tried to pull up her website and got a message that said I was "forbidden" to access it. (I thought maybe my DH had something to do with it:D:D:D) Any suggestions?
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