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  1. I'm also joining the prayer chain. I am a true believer in the power of prayer. Glad to hear it is Bell's Palsy as it is usually a temporary problem. I agree with Shana, you need to relax and heal and quilt!!!
  2. Good luck on getting the job. I also thought about the phone a friend!! Seems she could of at least have given you a calculator. . If this isn;t the right job for you, you will be directed to the one meant for you. One thing is certain. You put your faith in the right hands...His!!!
  3. I also saw this stunning quilt at MQS. Congratulations on your win. It is a beautiful quilt!
  4. Love the quilt Linda. It is adorable. I love pinguins!
  5. I'm so glad you got it. I've been in that situation and know how frustrating it is. I'm happy it all worked out.
  6. I to am a fabriholic. I can admit it. I just don't want to fix it! A dear friend of mine lost all her fabric when her house burned down. I asked her how she fiqured the amount for the insurance company. She told me that she probably underestimated but could fiqure out by how many yards per plastic bin. I came home and told my husband. He asked me if I knew how much fabric I had. I estimated approximately 7-10 yards per container. Boy was I off!!! My containers hold 2 to 3 times that! Oops! I told him with fabric getting so expensive, I have "saved" him tons of money. Problem is, I keep buying.
  7. I agree with everyone here, they are noisy but only for a few seconds. It does scare me if I forget to turn it off. My husband bought me a small Craftsman from Sears. It really does a great job. I figure it will pay for itself when compared to canned air. That stuff gets expensive. Mine is a 1 HP and sits right by my Millie and the hose lays on the roller uptake motor. It's very handy.
  8. Great pics. Just beautiful. (From a distance). Not sure I would want to be around if mama came back.
  9. I hope so to. After I posted this info I went back and it said it was no longer available. I hope that is because you got it. Good luck. Let me know if it works out.
  10. Heidi I think I found your fabric. I googled Victorian Blends and came up with a site called Jeff and Cricket Quilts. I think they have some.
  11. I'm glad you are going to be ok. I to have checked in to check on you. Hope you start feeling like your "old" self soon. Shana, your a doll to keep everyone updated. Thanks and thank the good Lord for answering our prayers.
  12. Thanks Shannon. I'm going to give it a try. It sounds like a really good idea.
  13. I'm going to have to start using my itouch. I love listening to different things but haven't tried quilting with music. Sounds like a good idea. I think it might help me relax and not be so tense. Thanks for the beautiful picture. Way to go girly. Your quilting is gorgeous!!!
  14. Thanks for sharing Bobbi. I agree, sister's are an essential part of life. I didn't have a sister in my family but when I married my husband, my SIL became the sister I never had. We love each other so much. For the past 6 years we go to the AQS show in Paducah. She comes up from La. to Ks and we drive over together. We act like teenagers! We have more fun than should be allowed by law.:D:D She always tells me if my husband and I ever split, she's keeping me! It's nice to see how we feel in the written word. Thanks again.
  15. They really are beautiful creatures. We have so many in Kansas that they are a nuisance. I read we are supposed to have 3 deer per mile and we have 300! Every day someone hits one with their car. My poor daughter hit 2 and then when she bought a new car she stopped in the middle of the road to let 3 pass by. She said "Oh no you don't" and then a 4th ran straight into her. She hates Bambi!
  16. Tracey, more gasps from here. It is exquisite!!! Wow, you should be very proud. Simply gorgeous!!!
  17. Thanks Wendy. I'm going to draw, draw, draw! I'll post pics when I can fiqure out how to. I'm not very computer savy.
  18. Wow Wendy, I'm with Mary Beth. I think your feathers are great! I haven't posted any pics yet, and now I'm glad. Can't compare with all you great ladies.
  19. And Amen! I have so much to learn. I really love this forum. Julia, big hugs to you for your loss of your husband. They say that and the loss of a child are the worst things one can go through. Don't be hard on yourself. Grieving is a process. And, Tracey, I agree with you about this forum. Nobody cares what machine you have. We are all here to support and lift one another. I'm glad to know there are no "dumb" questions here. I just love how much support you can get. I've seen APQS tech's help solve problems with other machines. (Hey, John Mitchell) That's what I call support!
  20. Donna, the quilt is beautiful! I really can't wait until I can quilt like that. I'm still in the "all over" pattern stage. I am doing a Wizard of Oz quilt right now, trying to follow Mryna's DVD "Just Do It". (Easy for her to say) Thanks for the pics.
  21. Donna, would love to see pictures when your done. It was great meeting you at MQS. Have a great day.
  22. Edie, so sorry to hear about your trial. Many prayers are winging their way to you.
  23. Welcome to the forum Roxanne. Everyone is very helpful here. It is a wonderful resourse. Thanks for asking about the signature. I didn't know how to do it either. Hoping I fiqured it out. Guess we'll see!
  24. Sandra, so sorry to hear of your loss. Also send my condolences to you and your family. Virginia
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