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  1. I am making that same quilt right now. The origianal was done on raw silk from Dharma. That is what I ordered, but it was still a little short. Pattern calls for 55" and my piece was 47. I just adjusted my feathers on the sides to make it fit.
  2. That is wonderful news Heidi! Congratulations! (Hope your knee gets better so you can go and see it in "action".
  3. Sorry to hear about Madison being diagnosed with Type 1. I have lost track of her age. Poor child, seems like her life remains in a state of chaos. I hope they will get her on an insulin pump as soon as possible. Pumps are easy to use and very effective. God bless her and the rest of the family. It will be a big change for everyone. She is one lucky little girl to have you in her life. Prayers winging their way to everyone involved. I hope everyone (mom) puts Madison's needs above the fray!
  4. This forum was one of the reasons I chose APQS. Can't find a better group of people anywhere else.
  5. I have had mine for a while. I love them now, but didn't always. They are extremely stiff at first. They do loosen up in time. Now I can load a quilt in about 10 min, maybe even faster.I love them. I wish I had tried the easy leaders first. They look much easier to use. Good luck. Hope they evenetually work for you. If not, try selling them on the forum.
  6. I get the "Windows" team in India(HAHAHAHA) sometimes twice a day. Yesterday when they called I asked him what he was wearing,LOL. He called right back and my husband answered it and we also said we had a mac. Hope that is our last phone call from them.
  7. Did you use the digital pattern for them? I am looking into it. My Millie doesn't have a computer system but my Bernina does. I would love to make one. How did you incorporate their pictures?
  8. So sorry for the loss of your husband Shirley. It is so difficult to lose a spouse. Your were so fortunate to have had him for so many years. It will take time to grieve. I guess you never "get over it", but life has a way of helping you to live through it. I pray that you will find joy and peace in the arms of our Heavenly Father and in the arms of all who love you.
  9. They are so beautiful Heidi! I am finally going to get to be a grandmother in June. It's been a long road but things are going well for my daughter. She graduated from Chiropractic school, started her practice and now is going to be a mom. Did you make that angel quilt for your grandaughters? I just remember you made one for either one of them or someone else. I may give that a try. Anyway, looks like Christmas is going to be a happy one at your house.
  10. Thanks Cindy. That is beautiful. I don't really have a business. I just quilt for a few people. This particular person wants something custom and besides I stink at pantos.
  11. HI Julie, I'm planning on going. Haven't decided when. I'll let you know. Would love to see you again.
  12. Sorry to hear that Debbie, but new windows are awesome. SoBusy, of course you can join our little Midwest Quilters! Welcome to the group. Debbie, just keep us informed on a future date. Hope your installation goes smoothly.
  13. It sure does! We should carpool together for sure to Des Moines. PM me and I'll give you my phone number. Looking forward to meeting you.
  14. Has the date been finalized? Just trying to plan ahead.
  15. Sorry I couldn't make it. I didn't think about my class schedule. I enjoyed Sue Patten's classes and learned soooo much. I'll try to do better next time. I really missed seeing and meeting everyone. I did run into Judy a couple of times and was happy about that. Well, there is always next year....
  16. I'll be there so count me in! Yea, I am soooo looking forward to this. Sorry Sheri can't make it. Maybe next time Sheri.
  17. Fastquilts, I can't wait to meet you. We are definitly kindred spirits. My friends call me the Gadget Queen! . My sister in law and I have a saying. "If they demonstrate it well, we'll buy it!" Gets me in trouble on our annual Paducah trip.
  18. I can make it most anytime with enough notice. It has been too long. Would love to get together with everyone again. Thanks Debbie for the invite.
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