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  1. What a wonderful surprise!!! Congratulations! A Millie is a beautiful thing! I say "It's more fun than should be allowed by law!"
  2. Carolyn and I will be there. Can't wait to see everyone again.
  3. I have ICE in my phone. It really is a good idea. Accidents happen. Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss of your middle son. How tragic. I can not imagine the pain,sorrow and despair you have felt. I know you learn to go on, but you never forget. Celebrate his life. (HUGS)
  4. I'm definitely going. I go every year. Would love to see you there. As it gets closer, maybe we could exchange phone numbers.
  5. How long do you wait to put the cone on the machine?
  6. Sandra, ever hear of a 12 step program ;) Problem is, ya gotta want to stop! I don't.
  7. I like what Ricky Tims says. If you collect stamps, you have a stamp collection. You wouldn't dream of putting one on an envelope. Your stash is your collection!
  8. Whoa, have I been out of the loop! I am so sorry that Linda and Adam are getting out of the Quiltazoid business. I LOVE my Quiltazoid. I was trying to look on line for what I might want for Christmas this year only to not be able to find them. So I came on here and saw the message. So so sad. Will miss them. Too bad, it was such a great product!
  9. Well Heidi, it was certainly a memorable event!
  10. I am having a little difficulty trying to download all of my previous artista embrodery designs. I have tons! Is the new format good? I have so much invested in designs. Can this machine recalculate to increase or decrease the number of stitches to fit a design that is enlarged or made smaller?
  11. Well, I bought it. It is huge!!! Can't wait to take the class on how to use it. I thought I would just plug it in and take off. Nope It took me 15 min to fiqure out how to thread it, and it's a self threading machine! Oh well, more adventures to come. Oh yeah, it is almost as big as Millie!!!!
  12. Thanks for the info Sandy. I am gettting a good price on one. I have been a bit nervous because I have loved by 200. My dealer is giving me 1800 for it so it makes the 830 very reasonable. Looking forward to picking it up this week.
  13. Sorry, I didn't realize it was full. I emptied it and it is now available for mail.
  14. Anyone have a good or bad experience with the Bernina 830?
  15. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved husband. 45 years is a long time to share your life with. I hope you are comforted by much family and friends.
  16. There is a new seam ripper that has a rubber tip that removes threads easily by rubbing over the area frogged. (Ask me how I know)
  17. Oops! I sent red, whie, red and black white black,. Hope you can still use em. Prayers for your sister and family. Sure hope you can have fun sewing together for a little more time.
  18. Great idea Vickie, That is what I will do. Thanks for the suggestion.
  19. I would love to help out as well. I have what ever you would like. I can definetly send you some 2 1/2" strips.
  20. OMG! That is amazing! I bow before you oh magnificent one! .
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