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  1. That is sooo cute! I'm glad to hear that you and the "new" Ultimate II are having fun. :-)
  2. It looks GREAT! I've been wondering how you were doing with your new machine. :-)
  3. Barb, thanks so much for organizing this swap and for the Clifford fabric! It's amazing that there were so few duplicates. I'm so sorry I miscounted - at least I was short only one hat and I have plenty here at home. I remember counting and recounting that night and I still messed up, lol, but thank goodness it was only one. I'm sure that you are enjoying the new baby. I have one grandson and just found out another grandchild is expected in December, so I'm very happy I requested two sets. I'm not sure when I will get these sewn, but am hoping we get to see some pictures of the finished products here. :-)
  4. So sorry...two of my boys came over this morning and I totally forgot about going to the post office! Cowboy hats and boots will be sent out on Monday. :-) Laura
  5. Thanks, Barb, for doing this! I would love to sign up for 2 slots.
  6. I was there for the ribbon cutting and mini classes with Dawn! It was such an enjoyable day - the sun was shining after a week of cold, rainy days, everybody was happy, and all us very enthusisatic about quilting. Trying out the machines was a blast for all of us wannabes...Dawn so gracious and informative.... I'm very excited that Chris' new business is in the same strip mall as my favorite quilt store and it's all just a few miles up the freeway from me. :-) Laura
  7. Accucut ( is a sister company of accuquilt. The GrandeMark cutter is the same as the studio except for the decal. You might want to check there for the sale price, too. Right now it is also $595 but goes on sale for $395.
  8. I don't have a George yet but love reading about your adventures. Does anyone have any tips or new projects for show and tell? I used to think that the only way I could finish my tops that would make me happy was to get a longarm. I'm starting to think that this may not be the best, or only, answer. I love to piece and have decided to get serious about FMQing my growing pile of tops. I've taken various FMQ classes in the past and learned a lot but never really practiced enough to take on a big quilt. I've decided that this will be a goal for the fall. Thought I would practice on some small samples for 2-3 weeks and then take the plunge with a couple of simple tops. I honestly think one thing that has held me back is the basting process. I decided I'm going to try some basting spray (just don't like to pin) and hopefully have at least one throw size top completed by the end of September. Maybe putting it in writing here will be a motivator! So, until I can get my George, please tell me about yours! Laura
  9. I LOVE reading this forum. I have learned so much about using quilting as a design element and there are so many tips about thread, batting, etc . I also love the positive attitudes and caring exhibited toward one another. It's remarkable! I am a long arm wannabe and know this is a long arm forum. However, on a yahoo group I read the subject came up as to how there are no real instructional DVDs for the MANY women who are using a 9 inch machine, such as a Juki or Brother, on a smaller frame. There are DVDs/videos for machine quilting on a domestic sewing machine, but not for the short arm/frames. I have no idea how much work, time, and money it takes to produce an instructional video, but I think there is a real market for the quilters using these 9 inch machines. It would be SO COOL to see what you pros would do with a short arm as far as different designs, feathers, borders, etc. in a limited space. I know a lot of the long arm techniques can be carried over somewhat, but there's nothing like seeing someone using the same setup/space. Just something that's been going through my head... I hope you don't mind me bringing up the topic of shortarm quilters. if anyone ever decides to do this, I'll be the first in line to buy! Laura
  10. Thank you for the diagram, Shana, and the book suggestion, too, JoAnn! Laura
  11. Could someone pretty please post a link to a picture of the bumpbump feathers? Feeling pretty confused here! :-) Thanks!!!! Laura
  12. Shana, You are always so kind and positive with your support of others. After all this craziness is done, I hope you are breathing a sigh of relief and are glad that the quilt is out of your house! I think you were very smart to give it back to her - that took more courage than re-quilting it. Laura BTW, if I ever decide to move to Alaska, you know it will be all your fault, right?!
  13. Thanks, Lynnie, never thought of that with George. I've used the tape with a walking foot on my DSM, but this would probably be the way to go with George. :-) i've never tried freehanding straight lines, but with a little practice sounds do-able. Laura
  14. She is adorable!! I love how she is REALLY concentrating in a couple of those pictures! :-) She certainly has an awesome sense of design and color! Laura
  15. I'm referring back to my original question. Let's say you have an Irish chain or something geometric that needs some nice long straight lines...not so easily done with George? I can picture "holding the ruler within the halo" trick and doing smaller areas of cross-hatching, but what about the big stuff? Just curious! :-) Laura