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  1. Keeping you in my prayers, for a fast recovery....Watch out for the the gas they inflate you with. U can't toot it out ya just gotta walk it off...Jacque
  2. thank You too all, It will be be a while beffore I can get back to Mable but hubby says she is waiting patiently...DARN STAIRS thaanks again for all the prayers. I have no doubt they work,,Jacque
  3. So I learned a very important lesson....I have suffered with a bad gallbladder for many years. A few months ago it finially became unbearable so went in to have it removed. My surgeon said it was totally destroyed and had to be removed in little clumps, but everything was fine. Well it was not, I had a major bile leak. they sent me home even tho my stomach was extrememly hard and the gases had not started moving. I was home two days a took a fall. fell so hard it bruised from the inside out, about the size of a basketball. well during the day I just kept feeling worse so hubby to me to ER. where they informed me I had had a heart attack. I ended up in ICU where the drs began arguing over which was more urgent the surgery to repair the bile leak or the heart attack. Turns out the the cardiologist won ans they would not do the surget unti they were sure of the mamage and how bad of a blockage i had. So they took me for the test run the dye in me and found NO blockage, none at all, said my heart was in very good cond. so they proceeded with surgery to repair the leak and 14 days later I am finally home. Please pray for continued recovery. Jacque
  4. I have been thinking of you and hoping u would post. Still praying, still hoping, still sending hugs your way. Jacque
  5. They said the 374 homes have been lost! I just can't imagine how I would feel.
  6. mountainquilter, If it is any comfort, I am in Pueblo West and the rain is coming your way. Been a good steady rain for about 15 min, not much but it may help. We were not supposed to get any but looks like the Lord is sharing the blessings today. I am also Praying for all the people up your way, So so devastating. can't imagine what it must feel like to be forced to leave your home, then find out it was burned to the groung. So Sad.....jacque
  7. Prayers are being sent, you will be strong enough to do this part of the journey the Lord has chosen for you. My MIL just pasted with an aggressive cancer, thru Hospice and a caring staff she left us sooner than we wanted but without pain. God bless you guys..Jacque
  8. I think you need to be kind but firm tell this is your first quilt and because it is sentimental you have decided to keep this one, but when you finish another one you would be glad to trade, then ask the colors she prefers, and tell her it would of course be a smaller quilt due to the cost. Jacque
  9. Sending prayers, I have been there. You just need to know that God knows your needs even when you don't ask. I will be raying for both of you..Jacque
  10. quilterbee1 I was not reffering to you or any comment you made. I was just making a comment in general about how good KenQuilt is on an APQS forum. I have over 10 years experience with the Kenquilt, that is why I posted. I did not post anything negative about you or your post. No need to reply, I am just stating a comment. Jacque
  11. Thanks, I too have ears that hear to well, especially repetitive noises. I know most can get used to it, but I don't know that I can. I do not like loud music I have never done anything, like listen to a book when quilting. I have always just quilted. When I have gone to shows and tried the Millennium, I loved the machine, I hated the noise. It is not so much a matter of having the money, it is more wanting to be satisfied. Does that make sence?????Jacque
  12. Ok everyone, don't throw stones..... prior to buying my used APQS I owned a ken quilt. I loved it and wish I still had it. In my opinion the service that I recieved at kenquilt was as good if not better than the service I first recieved from APQS. I never had a problem with the machine at any time, but I have not had any problems with my APQS either. I did at first and after several months and lots of headaches it was resolved. I bought the APQS because it was 500.00 cheaper than the Kenquilt i was going to buy. That being said Now I love my APQS and am considering an up-grade. It will either be another APQS or a Kenquilt. As long as the machine has been cared for, it is built to last, is easy to use, and when it was owned by Kenquilt the service was the greatest. Jacque
  13. About two years ago I began using the blocks I make for class demos in quilts. I did not know what to do with them. Then I started pulling over the cops (yip its a thrill) and giving them the quilts to use in domestic calls. They need them for cold nights when they have to take the little ones away. The quilts stay with the kids and so far the police dept has used over 100 quilts i have donated. Size, binding and fabric is less important in this case...Just a thought jacque
  14. Hi all, I have a discovery, but I am considering purchasing a new (or newer) LA. Mostly for the SR. Here are my concerns. I see a lot of issues with tention and the stitch regulator. I have never had a SR. for the most part my stitches are fine but the word perfection is never spoken. I have also never had a problem with tention. In all honesty, if my reason for up-dating is the SR should i buy a newer machine or just add an after market SR. If so which one. and would I have to swith my carriage. If i buy a new APQS does the SR always chirp and how irritating is it to those who are agravated by that type of noise? Need lots of advise on this one. Oh and I am retiring (sorta) so will mostly be quilting for myself and a few customers that have become friends..Jacque