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  1. I have an Ult I available. It's on an11ft frame, has motorized feed, ergo handles, and overhead lights. Please call me at 972-979-2907.
  2. Ultimate 1 Mint Condition 11 Ft Table Serviced and upgraded in February by Dave Jones Overhead Lighting System M&M Wheels Ergo Handles Motorized Feed Take-up Bar Single Stitch Thread Cutter Bobbin Winder Hartley Fence Delivery and Setup by Dave Jones included inside US Dave will also train you for an extra charge - you would need to discuss with him Please call 972-979-2907
  3. Sorry I haven't responded. My email doesn't always show me notifications. I do float my tops - I have honestly only worked on baby quilts and have only done a few at that. I love this machine, she works great. I just haven't used her that much.
  4. I need to downsize so I'm listing my Ultimate I on a metal 14ft frame. It was purchased in 1994 and I'm the 3rd owner. I sent her in for her spa day October, 2013. She runs great and I've had no problems with her. She comes with needle up/down button, thread cutter and variable speed. Also included is the Hartley fence, an extended base, bobbin winder, new cloth leaders, extension bars to lift the roll off the frame, laser pointer, and mondo clips (like red snappers). I'm asking $3000 - a fair price according to Amy at APQS. You may call me at 972-979-2907 to come try it out.
  5. I'm dreaming of a new Millie - I hope I win the drawing! I have an Ultimate I right now. Haven't used it much because it frustrates me with no SR.
  6. Thank you all. I noticed that you have straight cords. Mine is curly and it does come out of the top of my machine so it catches on the track. Because my cord is curly, it won't reach the extension that we just put up for the shop lights so I've got to figure something else out.
  7. I saw some months ago, a machine that was for sale, and in their setup, her husband had rigged up a line that her machine cord draped over above her so that it would move around smoothly. I'm looking for pics of that same type of setup to show my husband. We just hung up 2 shop lights from the ceiling over my setup and I want to connect them all on the same extension cord with my machine. I would appreciate any pictures y'all might of your similar setups. (I am familiar with Dave Jones' setup - but that won't work for me). Thank you all for your input. Jenn Wilson
  8. I have a 94 Ultimate I for sale. It has a 14 ft frame. I sent her in for her "spa" day in October. When she came back, I set her up, but I haven't used her because I've been so busy with a new business and now we are moving. I ordered extra parts from APQS to lift the back roller so I wouldn't have to keep adjusting the height. I haven't modified the frame yet but those parts are included. I also have some pattern boards - can't remember the name of the company but they're the good white plastic kind with a stylus. I also purchased new canvas for the rollers and Mondo clips - just like the Red Snappers. These are included as well. When I talked to Amy at the APQS shop, she said my machine head was worth $2000 and the table is worth $4000 so I'm asking $4500 including the extra parts that modify the frame. I'm in Keller, TX - just north of Ft Worth. You can call me if you like - 972-979-2907.
  9. Hi Julie, Would it be possible for me to come and see how the Hartley fence works? I have one that came with my 95 Ultimate I that I just bought but I have no clue on how it works. Thanks Jenn Wilson
  10. I feel I'm a little late and will be too slow to get some strips to you but please know that your sister, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Jenn Wilson Ft Worth, TX
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