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  1. These sewing machines are a real treasure Linda and can well understand how delighted you arewith you purchase. I am the fortunate owner of a Singer treadle sewing machine that my Grand father gave to my Grandmother as a wedding present in December 1906. I have the original manual, feet, oilcan and other bits and pieces. My uncle remembers as a child he would sit on the floor and work the treadle for his mother as an occupation to keep a small boy busy! Yvonne
  2. This quilt is listed on my computer in NZ dollars at $292,808.62. What was it in US $'s? Certainly an enormous amount of work involved so maybe she is calculating her price to also include the actual time it took, but it does seems an extraordinary price tho. Good for her if it sells. Maybe we need to buck up our ideas for selling our own quilts! Yvonne
  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, you will be pleased to learn that rubbing alcohol did work on all but one circle and for some reason that just wouldn't move. Am thinking maybe that was the first one or the last one I ironed. You do have to go very gently tho and use a cotton bud. We can not get "Sure Clean" or "Goo Gone" here in NZ so was unable to try them. Once again I do appreciate how quickly you all responded to my cry for help. Best wishes to you all Yvonne
  4. Greetings all! not a machine quilting question but can anybody suggest a way to remove " steam a seam" that has been ironed onto the right side of fabric instead of the wrong. I feel such a wally!!! Googled and the only suggestion so far is rubbing alcohol. I am sure this isn't the first time it has been done and wondering if there are any other suggestions! Thanks for your help Yvonne
  5. My Congratulations to you both, Claudia, Your quilt is absolutley stunning. Jennifer, Will look forward to seeing your photos soon Yvonne
  6. http://qisforquilter...snowball-quilt/ Shana, this snowball/9 patch quilt on point makes a charming and interesting quilt. Thanks for posting the link, a great way to use up ones scraps. Yvonne
  7. sounds like a purr- fect day, no coking fridge raiding , some chocolate perhaps and masses of quilting !!!!!!!!!!
  8. .. but my heart soars with pride! and so it should, that is an awesome contribution on your part Shana. Yvonne
  9. My thoughts are with you and your family Yvonne
  10. So sorry Linda but somehow when I ticked "like" to your comment re your husband and his enjoyment of the all his machinery and other toys, it came back to me as " unlike" . That definitely not what I meant!!! Now I can't enter anything!! I think that man of yours is a grand fellow and how fortunate many of us are to have these men in our lives. Mine does book binding, enjoys the veg garden and is a very good cook. This means I have do do very little in the kitchen other than pour the drinks before dinner which means I of course have more time to play with my stash!! Yvonne
  11. Obviously I'm not a vodka drinker! but we do have great wines here in NZ. That could well be an added attraction for a visit.
  12. Brillent proposal Shana, cruise ships do spend a day here in Picton so we could all have a pretty good time together. Probably need more than a day tho to check out the stash! As well you could all add to your own with NZ themed and printed fabric. Could possibly pick up some from Australia as you pass. The options are endless Yvonne ps What is Gray Goose????
  13. What will happen to your stash, here's what will be happening to mine My two son-in-laws good heartily give me a hard time about my fabric stash and sometime ago asked what would happen to it when I die. (This event is not planned for many years i hope) Told them it could all go to my much loved quilting friends, Shock, Horror, I couldn't do that they said as it represented much of their wives inheritance so it must have some value!. (Both our daughters don't sew). After much thought and discussion they decided between them and in the best interests of their wives they would let folk choose what they wanted and sell the fabric by supermarket sized bags. As my workroom was in the loft and not very large, there would be no room for them up there to supervise. They then planned to hand out plastic supermarket bags at the bottom of the stairs and would charge per bag on the way down. Laughingly I told them that being quilters they would not only fill a bag but would also stuff it in pockets , down their knickers, up their jumpers, pretend they were multiple scarfs and find other ingenious ways of hiding fabric. After all some are experts at this. The SIL's reply was, " Don't worry , we will weight them when they go up and we'll weight them when they come down, so we'll sell it by weight " Cheeky fellows, but I do love them dearly Yvonne
  14. Why oh why do we feel guilty about having a fabric stash that needs frequent feeding? I refuse to feel that way, so there, I've now said it publicly out loud!!!! I wonder if woodworkers feel guilty about their hoard of timber? I bet they don't . Timber does takes up heaps more room than fabric. On the other hand tho I guess a stamp collector doesn't need much storage!. Our fabric gives us much pleasure, we can feast on it with our eyes, we can fondle it, dream of what and how we will use it , share it and when the time is right can even use it!! My mother died at 92 and I have her stash of fabric, mostly in 3 to 4 yard lengths from the 50's and 60's, have used some but still have much left. Incidentally like Lyn in Australia where fabric is costly, it is the same here in New Zealand at around $28 -$30 a metre, Nothing is wasted so every flipping inch is used ! Yvonne
  15. I know it is a few days early but as I will be out of computer range from tomorrow till the end of the month I did want to send everyone my Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. It is at this time of the year one takes stock of what has happened for everyone over the last 12 months. For some its not been easy with ill health, family problems and much stress. But there has also been much joy with new babies, birthdays, weddings and well deserved holidays. You have generously shared ideas, givien others support, both personaly and professionally when desperatly needed and offered suggestions for both quilt and non quilt related questions. So take a bow, pat your selves on the back, you all are indeed a great bunch of caring and loving folk. Much Aroha Yvonne