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  1. I believe I have blown a fuse, but I can’t get the fuse door/drawer open.....is there a trick to getting access to it? I was quilting a quilt for Christmas, broke the top thread crossing a seam, the machine made a strange noise, the needle was stuck down, but I was able to get that loose. I am the original owner, have been VERY pleased with Lenni, have never had a fuse blown before or any other major problems, just user error!
  2. Sounds like I have the same problem.....probably blown fuse on 2008 Lenni. The needle was stuck down, but I was finally able to get it loose and the flywheel moves now. My problem is I can’t get the door open to check/change the fuse. Any suggestions?
  3. Leann, yes I was having some trouble... But I'm back on track now, my dealer had to recalibrate the screen....I was researching my issued because I couldn't get to his shop last week and was hoping to avoid a trip...
  4. Yes Norma is correct...I purchased the 880 for the enhancements and the embroidery.... I still have my Lenni and love it!
  5. This forum helped me a lot when I bought my Lennii several years ago......and as a new owner of a Bernina 880, I was wondering if any of you knew of a forum that you would recommend...I have a couple of questions tonight and my dealer won't be open until Tuesday.....thanks!
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