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  1. you are the only person that can let someone ruin your special day...i always say, if i don't spoil myself, no one else will...so just do it..
  2. dave deloa put mine on...what a difference and very affordable!
  3. here you go... http://www.quilterscache.com/BlocksbySizeC.html enjoy your sister...
  4. i think you would have to stitch on one side of the seam and not directly on it or you might pop some stitches....not an expert by any means...
  5. no, he never emailed me back....tooooooo bad.....they did say i could call if i had any questions and were sorry for the "inconvenience":...but i guess i don't really need it that bad...maybe some other time....just don't tempt me anymore, lol!
  6. after reading this post, i ordered it! but since they use fed ex they could not deliver to my po box so they cancelled the order...and they emailed me about it....i emailed back saying it would have been nice if they would have emailed me for a shipping address and thanks for saving me the money....sigh...what customer service...
  7. i know he is flying to las vegas after thanksgiving....if he has enough customers..who knows what he might do???
  8. been to malin oregon and on his way to portland tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed!
  9. Oh, Barb, I am so sorry. My son told me the other day, that he has only seen me cry twice. Once was when I lost my Siamese cat, Ching Chang and the other was when I lost my father. Some animals just have a way of getting close to our hearts. Thinking of you....
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